ELGL19 Session: Racial Equity in City Building

Posted on February 7, 2019

racial equity in city building

Time: 3:15 pm Thursday, May 16

Location: Foster Street Hallway, Room #2

Breakout: Racial Equity in City Building 

Jurisdictions across the nation are taking a look at how to advance opportunities for all of their residents, and are making real commitments to address racial equity. One of the first steps is looking at the impact of city service delivery, and identifying who is being served, and who isn’t. Through strategic goal setting, community engagement early on in processes, and through setting measurable goals, cities are launching several projects, initiatives, and plans to deliberately use a racial equity lens to rethink service delivery. Learn more about this exciting work in this session.


Brion Oaks Traci Ethridge Rachel Stark
Brion Oaks
Chief Equity Officer
Austin, TX
Traci Ethridge
Community Affairs Sr. Manager
Charlotte, NC
Rachel Stark
Principal Planner
Charlotte, NC

Track: Equity & Economic Inclusion

Across the country our communities have people that have been left behind or not included in the success or opportunity of our cities. More and more governments are working to right these wrongs. From helping formerly incarcerated residents transition back to the workforce to ensuring long time residents have the same access to resources that newcomers get, equity and inclusion is at the heart of solving these problems. Learn from communities that are working in this space and from organizations that have ideas worth stealing.

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