ELGL19 Session: Skills Based Recruiting & Hiring

Posted on February 8, 2019

skills based recruiting

Time: 2:00 pm Thursday, May 16

Location: Morris Street Hallway, Room #1 

Breakout: Skills Based Recruiting & Hiring

Standard recruiting and hiring processes seem to be dominated by a focus on degree and pedigree. Rigid job descriptions and strict qualification standards unnecessarily limit applicant pools and take the focus away from what is actually important. Pathways for education and professional development have expanded dramatically and our recruiting pipelines should be expanding as well. What if every time a position was vacated, organizational competency gaps were assessed? What if contribution potential was an actual assessment metric? Jump in the DeLorean with us as we try to take a glimpse at the future of hiring.


Melissa Asher Preet Bassi Kylie Bayer
Melissa Asher
Sr. Practice Leader
Preet Bassi
Center for Public Safety
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Kylie Bayer
Human Resources Manager
McMinnville, OR
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Track: Workforce of the Future

The local government workforce is changing and that means that organizations have to adapt. The expectations that employees have for their employers are changing and the organizations that want to attract the brightest minds have to change too. From the latest ways that cities across the country are experimenting to diversity and inclusion this track will explore the changing nature of our places of work.

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