#ELGL20 Agenda, Event Details, & Justification Memo

Posted on January 14, 2020


This is an early agenda for #ELGL20. Session descriptions and speaker names and bios will be added in early February.

Keynote Sessions:

All attendees will attend keynote sessions.

  • How to be a #BigLocalGov Baller
  • How to Incorporate Academic Research Into Your Local Government
  • How to Create a Chief Diversity Officer Position
  • How to Become a Strategic Planning Wizard

Concurrent Sessions:

During concurrent session times, attendees will select one of four sessions to attend. You can stay on one track, or attend sessions from every track.

Equity Track

  • How to Use an Equity Index
  • How to Attract the Next Generation to Transportation
  • How to Address Homelessness
  • How to Manage Gentrification

Happiness Track

  • How to Engage Your Community in Long Range Planning
  • How to Use Humor in Local Government Communications
  • How to Future-Ready Your Organization
  • How to Fail Forward

Efficiency Track

  • How to Eliminate Single Family Zoning
  • How to Shape Policy With Your Procurement Processes
  • How to Use Behavioral Insights
  • How to Use Asset Management as an Organizational Strategy

Skills Lab

  • How to Use Trello/Project Management
  • How to Use Excel/Spreadsheets
  • How to Use Canva/Graphic Design
  • How to Use Robert’s Rules of Order

Experiential Sessions:

Attendees may select one experiential learning session to attend. Transportation to the sites is the responsibility of the attendees (#ELGL20 organizers will provide information about the wide variety of transportation options available in Portland). Limited spots for each event (but enough overall spots for all attendees). Available on a first come, first serve basis!

  • Metro – learn more about this unique form of government that oversees regional planning in the Portland area.
  • Portland Cemeteries – visit the public cemeteries managed by a public agency.
  • Fair Housing Council of Oregon – learn more about this organization that protects and promotes civic rights in housing.
  • Jet Boat Bridge Tour – take a high speed tour of the Willamette river and learn about the many bridges that connect the east and west sides of the Portland area (note: an additional $20 for boat tickets will be charged separate from your conference registration fee).
  • Dolan v. Tigard – visit the location of this landmark eminent Supreme Court case, and learn about the history of the region over a beverage in downtown Tigard.
  • Tillikum Bridge – walk the span of Oregon’s first non-car bridge (walkers, bikers, and transit only) and learn about the area’s regional transit agency.
  • 4T Loop Hike – take an ariel tram, trolley, transit, and trial loop around downtown Portland (note: hiking mobility is required for this option).
  • Reservoir Tour – walk around one of Portland’s open-area reservoirs, and learn about the Portland Water Bureau.
  • Port of Portland – PDX is the best domestic airport in the United States. Learn more about the management of the airport and also the port.
  • Willamette Falls Legacy Project – this exciting project in Oregon City showcases Willamette Falls and develops an old paper mill on the waterfront. Visit the site and then discuss the project over a beverage in OC.
  • Creative Placemaking Visit – learn more about creative placemaking in action, including percent for the arts and artist in residence programs.

Personal Growth & Wellness:

These are add-on conference opportunities that are available for sign-up. Please note that some of these opportunities may conflict with experiential learning sessions and concurrent sessions. The sign-up for spots will be sent in April to registered attendees.

  • Career and Professional Wellness – meet with trained, certified life coaches who can work with you on your career path, work life balance, and more. Opportunities to meet individually and also in small groups.
  • POC Meet Up – meet with other people of color who are attending #ELGL20 for an open discussion and engage with each other about the challenges and opportunities of working in the public sector.
  • LGBTQ Meet Up – meet with other LGBTQ people who are attending #ELGL20 for an open discussion and engage with each other about the challenges and opportunities of working in the public sector.
  • People Experiencing Disabilities Meet Up – meet with other disabled people who are attending #ELGL20 for an open discussion and engage with each other about the challenges and opportunities of working in the public sector.
  • Org Doctors Are In – visit with two experienced organizational development experts and walk through the challenges and opportunities in your organization for quick feedback on ways to enhance or improve your agency.

Summit Learning:

The two summits are deep-dives into two topics. Anticipate learning and information sharing, as well as group projects and learning. There is a $50 additional charge for each summit to cover the cost of meals and materials.

  • Creative Placemaking – learn how to embed arts and culture in the way you build and manage your local government and the community you serve.
  • Innovation – it’s more than a buzzword and you don’t need a dedicated i-team to adopt different ways of providing services in your agency.

Connector Events:

These are small group events that take place after the general social hour on Thursday, May 14. The goal is to provide a wide variety of events that appeal to all personality types and interests. Please note that your ticket price includes admission to one event but there may be additional costs associated with your selected event. Limited spots for each event (but enough overall spots for all attendees). Available on a first come, first serve basis!

  • Powells Bookstore – take a guided tour of this famous Portland bookstore, and then browse for your next book. Includes small bites + drinks after.
  • DIY Portland – arts and crafts for adults! Includes small bites + drinks, does not include the cost of your selected craft.
  • Brewcycle – bike around SE Portland and visit and learn about three different breweries. Includes the bike rental, does not include brewery tastes.
  • Doug Fir Show – attend a concert (TBA) at this iconic spot for live music.
  • Karaoke Voicebox – sing it louder: Voicebox offers Japanese-style karaoke rooms and we’ve reserved two for #ELGL20 attendees.
  • QuarterWorld – this old school video game arcade features pinball, video games, skee ball, and more. Includes small bites + drinks.
  • Wine Tasting Class – learn how to taste wines and more about the Oregon wine industry from some pros. Includes tastes.
  • Pips & Bounce – this ping pong parlor is the perfect place to polish your paddling skills. Includes entry fee + small bites.
  • Book Club – join us at Portland’s only bookstore bar for a discussion about a local government book (note: an additional $30 for the book cost will be charged separate from your conference registration fee and the book will be mailed to your house).


ELGL members must log on via the ELGL membership portal to receive $50 off their registration fee. After logging in, scroll past your membership information to see all ELGL events, then select ELGL20. Your code will be automatically applied for Member Registration at the current rate.

Registration Date – Member/Non-member Prices

  • January 15 – $340/$390
  • February 15 – $440/$490
  • April 1 – $540/$590
  • May 1 – $640/$690
  • Week of – $775/$825

What’s included:

Your ticket price includes full day conferencing on Thursday, May 14 and Friday, May 15. It also includes breakfast, lunch, and social hour on Thursday and breakfast and a snack on Friday.


Full information about sponsoring #ELGL20 is online here. Please note that ELGL does not have vendor halls at our events – no one likes them and they offer inauthentic interactions and we’d prefer our sponsors to spend the conference interacting with our attendees.

Justification Memo:

Please personalize and update this draft memo template if you need to make a case for your attendance at #ELGL20. Or, if you need additional materials or information, please email Kirsten Wyatt.

Date: January 15, 2020
To: [authorizer]
From: [#biglocalgovballer]
Subject: Engaging Local Government Leaders (ELGL) 2020
I am excited to share with you that tickets are now on sale for the annual conference of Engaging Local Government Leaders (ELGL) to be held in Portland, OR (#ELGL20) from May 13-15, 2020.
ELGL has nearly 5,000 members across all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Canada, Israel, Mexico, and Spain. Key action items for the organization include: (1) provide relevant content; (2) promote equity and inclusion; (3) foster authentic, meaningful connections; (4) encourage joy in public service; (5) welcome new ideas and technology; and (6) create an exceptional membership value through a strong organization.
Nearly 400 people attended last year’s annual conference (#ELGL19) with focus tracks on Strategy and Performance, Equity and Economic Inclusion, Innovation and Process Improvement, and Workforce of the Future, as well as a pre-conference Innovation Summit to kick it all off. This year, #ELGL20 will be packed with actionable and experiential learnings, a skills lab with practical tools, Placemaking and Innovation summits, as well as a variety of sessions along Equity, Happiness, and Efficiency tracks. Proposed sessions include topics on [X], [Y], and [Z]. Site visits opportunities include the [1], [2], and [3]. A sneak peak of what’s in store for #ELGL20 can be found here: https://elgl.org/sneak-peek-at-elgl20/.
Attending #ELGL20 will expand our capabilities to connect with those we serve and develop stronger public-private partnerships to better serve our community. We will return from Portland fresh, inspired, and excited about what’s next for our organization and the important work that we do.
Thank you for your consideration and support in moving this forward. Please let me know if you have any questions. I am looking forward to sharing this wonderful experience with you!
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