#ELGLHaverford Winners: 11-15

Posted on November 14, 2019


It’s time to celebrate the top companies and vendors working with local government!

The ELGL Haverford Award celebrates the top companies that work with local government. We often say “we’re all in this together” and that mindset shapes the way we work with the people who work in the private sector. We don’t differentiate between our members who work for local government, from people who work with local government.

We received a lot of nominations from ELGL members who wanted to tell their stories about why they thought these companies deserve ELGL recognition. Click through and read about each company – today, or when your local government is looking for new relationships and partnerships.

Today, we’re celebrating the companies ranked 11-15 on the 2019 #ELGLHaverford list:

public input#11 – PublicInput.com

ELGL members say:While there are several adjectives like innovative, collaborative, and proactive that come to mind, I think the best words to describe PublicInput are those that create a foundation for the others: unmatched customer service.”

JPW#12 – JPW Communications

ELGL members say:Their collective strength is practically palpable. And these women support each other fiercely. Frankly, I wish that sort of encouragement and empowerment could be bottled and sold. Our world needs more it, and I applaud JPW for having it.”

resourcex#13 – ResourceX

ELGL members say:There are so many fun parts about working with ResourceX. One is that they constantly provide continuous improvement opportunities (for no additional cost), and always make an effort to be innovative. This company takes pride in the municipalities that invest in them and continuously strive to improve them.”

Recreation Results#14 – Recreation Results

ELGL members say:Following our agency training with Bobbi, our staff was better prepared to create meaningful surveys and use the data for improved services. We are now working to schedule a training for all City of New Braunfels Department Heads and Managers on the topic of data collection, customer retention, and using data to tell your story. Her expertise in these areas is very timely for our agency as we are a rapidly growing community and need to express our needs in measurable and understandable ways.”

#15 – OpenCities

ELGL members say:In analyzing numerous CMS providers, we were introduced to OpenCities by a colleague/friend who we knew through Code for America. We agreed to begin with a trial so we could learn more about their approach.  Their proof of concept with us was to create ten services, whereby we could see how their tool works, what their philosophy is, and how easily we’d be able to implement their system. Needless to say, we were blown away.  The ease of use on their back-end was just what we were looking for.”


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