#ELGLKnope: Baltimore, MD vs. Lombard, IL

Posted on March 3, 2021

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It’s time to vote in the #ELGLKnope Round of 32! Read about this matchup, and then submit your vote! One vote per email address, please. We’ll tally the votes and will post the next round of matchups on Tuesday!

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baltimore museum

Baltimore Public Works Museum

751 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21202

  • Three words to describe Baltimore Public Works Museum: Historic
  • Why are you nominating Baltimore Public Works Museum: Built in 1912, this facility continues to operate as a pumping station to the City’s main sewage treatment plant.  Part of the facility is set up as a museum to all the public works services that the City has provided its citizens since the City was incorporated in 1797.
  • Anything else to share?


Highland Avenue Elevated Tank

2020 S. Highland Ave, Illinois 60148

  • Three words to describe Highland Avenue Elevated Tank: Essential, Reliable, Water
  • Why are you nominating Highland Avenue Elevated Tank: This one million gallon spheroid was built in 1967 and was rehabilitated in 2020 during the onset of the pandemic.  At a time when essential, reliable, water never been a greater need, the Water Operators of the Village of Lombard and the contractors completed this rehabilitation ahead of schedule with no disruptions to water service to the residents and businesses of Lombard.  The tank received a new paint coating inside and out; a new mixing system installed inside the spheroid to prevent ice damming in the winter and to maintain proper mixing of water during the hot summer months; updates to safety features for the climbing ladders, hatches, and electrical systems; and the removal of old antennas to reduce the clutter of un-needed items on the tank.
  • Anything else to share? This tank is the primary water source for the entire south side of Lombard serving approximately 15,000 residents including a large shopping mall and multiple business corridors.  The iconic paint scheme of lilac, white, and a lilac flower boldly stands out against the surrounding background welcoming people to the Village of Lombard and you know you are in the Lilac Village.  It can be seen from Interstate 88 and the new anti-fade exterior coating will stand out for many years to come!
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