#ELGLKnope: Winder, GA vs. Irvine, CA

Posted on March 15, 2021

Winder Irvine

It’s time to vote in the #ELGLKnope Elite Eight! Read about this matchup, and then submit your vote! One vote per email address, please. We’ll tally the votes and will post the next round of matchups on Tuesday!

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winder rock quarry

Winder-Auburn Rock Quarry

Winder, Georgia 30011

  • Three words to describe Winder-Auburn Rock Quarry: creative, partnership, commitment
  • Why are you nominating Winder-Auburn Rock Quarry: The City of Winder and the City of Auburn have teamed up and formed a partnership with a goal of developing a creative multi-jurisdictional, regional solution to the shortage of raw water storage in northeast Georgia. The project scope entails taking very compact 78 acre site, and converting a expended rock quarry into a 1.1 billion gallon raw water storage pond with 3 water intakes and over 13 miles of pipeline. The project’s water withdrawal permits have been issued by Georgia Environmental Protection Division and the physical work has started within the quarry during the month of December 2020. The current permitted yield of the quarry project will be 4.59 MGD – annual average, and should be fully operational by January 2024. Winder is committed to efficiently managing our water resources  to ensure safe, clean and reliable drinking water, while protecting streamflow’s and watersheds to ensure long term sustainability in our ecosystems, economy and quality of life.


San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary

Irvine, California 92612

  • Three words to describe San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary: peaceful, efficient, oasis
  • Why are you nominating San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary: What a terrific place in Irvine that allows for us to treat wastewater in a natural way while providing a habitat for birds and wildlife in the middle of growing urban economic center.
  • Anything else to share? The Sanctuary is an incredibly unique location that, encompassing over 300 acres of coastal freshwater wetlands, serving as a habitat for more than 200 bird species, as well as providing a Natural Treatment System to clean urban runoff, and acting as a living laboratory for students, teachers and the public.
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