Design Thinking in Government: Connecting Residents to Services in 2021 and Beyond

MarMarch 25 2021

11:00am - 12:00pm

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COVID-19 has fundamentally changed many of the ways in which residents interact with programs, services, or policies. While the pandemic has forced many of us to quickly pivot our own ways of working, it also presents a new opportunity to infuse design thinking into our services and programs. Government has an unprecedented opportunity to improve programs that connect residents to services. Some of the most impactful innovations around helping residents find the services they need have come from COVID-19 response, and are widely applicable to other services.

In this webinar, you will learn:

What design thinking is, and how it applies to government
How to incorporate human behavior best practices into your work
Examples and best practices for connecting residents to your services

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Sydney Heimbrock, Ph.D.
Dr. Sydney Heimbrock works at the nexus of customer experience, human capital and process improvement to drive organizational transformation in government. She has designed and implemented numerous high impact programs across a diverse range of mission areas to reconnect employees with the people they serve and engage them in creating a culture of continuous improvement. Drawing on research she conducted as a Civic Innovation Fellow, Sydney founded the Innovation Lab at OPM, scaling it from a small, internal facilitation team of two people, to a $ 6M, 30-designer-strong educational hub that trains thousands of Federal, state and local civil servants, and regularly wins industry recognition for its impact on the citizen experience. Following her senior executive service, Sydney joined Deloitte to spread customer strategy and applied design across Federal, state and local governments. Most recently she joined Qualtrics, an Experience Management provider, to serve as Chief Industry Advisor for government. Sydney has held various Federal executive positions including leadership of the President’s Management Agenda workforce initiatives under Presidents George W. Bush and Barak Obama. She has global experience transforming governments through investments in workforce development and policy reform. Sydney’s professional expertise includes measurement and evaluation; human centered design and design education; leading and managing creative teams; strategic foresight and continuous process improvement; human capital strategy and management; leadership and workforce development; public policy analysis and public management. Dr. Heimbrock holds degrees from Stanford, Syracuse, London School of Economics and Miami University of Ohio.

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