Webinar: Public-Powered Civic Process Case Study

AprApril 20 2021

10:00am - 11:00am

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Public-Powered Civic Process: Scalable IRL and digital engagement with the communities you serve!

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Hear from Summer Fields from Hearken and John van Slyke, First Deputy of Community Engagement, City of Chicago Office of the Mayor, about their successful community engagement partnerships. The webinar will cover best practices for engagement with communities in person, digitally, and in major community/internal stakeholder convenings—repeatable processes and tools for city governments to make more responsive content, policy, and offerings.

Throughout 2020, Hearken became a trusted partner for the Mayor’s Office of the City of Chicago. Hearken has supported their community listening work and engagement design, technology, and events. Mayor Lori Lightfoot and her staff have worked to change the way city government designs public policy by incorporating insights and feedback from those with lived experience of the problems policy is supposed to solve. The Hearken team has executed three successful initiatives thus far, all the first of their kind, that provide blueprints for participatory civic engagement.

This webinar is geared towards local government leaders that want to pioneer creative engagement feedback loops with the people they serve both in-person or digitally who are curious to learn best practices from a government who has!

This event is free but registration is required.

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