Fall Membership Drive

Join us for our fall membership drive!

ELGL is hosting our first ever membership drive. If you love ELGL and want to help us grow our programming, offerings, content, events, and more, consider supporting us with a $40/year individual membership or encourage your organization to purchase an All-In Membership.

Wondering why you should be a member?

  • We have fun! ELGL hosts learning events, both online and digitally, as well as events like Supper Clubs, #ELGLRoadTrip,, the #ELGL Conference, and more. 
  • We love innovation! ELGL creates opportunities for members to work together on innovative ideas and test pilots. 
  • We promote equality and inclusion! ELGL champions diversity, equity, and inclusion in local government agencies with projects like the Diversity Dashboard.. 
  • We encourage joy in public service! ELGL highlights the fun in public service with campaigns like #CityHallSelfie Day and by giving out awards to local governments across the country.
  • We provide timely, relevant, and real content! ELGL members post daily content on topics that you need to know about if you’re working in local government.

Become a member online today. 

Already a member and want to tell the world why you love ELGL?

We would love to hear from you. We’re asking our current members to share a 30-second video or a photo with us about why you love ELGL. There’s nothing more powerful for us as a recommendation than knowing why you love ELGL in your own words! We’ll share these via social and online media. 

Upload your video or photo today. 

Or create your own post on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter and be sure to tag us so we can share it!

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