First Ever #ELGLBookClub #Twittersation Today (3/27)!

Posted on March 25, 2015

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We will discuss out first book club pick, Detroit: An American Autopsy this Friday, March 27 at 12 noon EST. SEELGL Advisory Board member, Brittany Bennett, will moderate the discussion of this fascinating story of the Motor City.
Make sure to use the hashtag, #ELGLBookClub to follow the discussion. Tweet your discussion questions to @BBenn4 and check back here for a list that will guide the conversation!

  • Do you see any parallels between the situation described in Detroit and your municipality?
  • If so, what can be done to improve these situations?
  • Widespread corruption – how do we begin to tackle it?
  • Is it up to the citizens to elect a new mayor? Is it management’s role to tackle corruption? Is it the lower level staff (firefighters, for example) ?
  • What has been the most moving part of the book for you?
  • Have you learned any lessons from reading about Detroit according to LeDuff?
  • How can local governments work with journalists to shape stories about government?
  • How should local governments respond when reporters find instances of corruption?
  • Should Detroit shrink its municipal borders? If so, how could you determine if an area should be de-annexed?
  • What should we do if we have to deal with a council member like Monica Conyers?
  • Do you see any parallels between Detroit and your government?
  • What lessons can local government leaders in declining cities learn from Detroit?
  • What surprised you most about LeDuff’s account of the levels of corruption in Detroit?
  • How can public administrators stay motivated after a scandal?
  • How do you overcome a history and culture of corruption that’s so deeply imbedded?
  • Do you think changing to a council-manager form of government will improve the operations of the City of Detroit?
  • How does race and class affect the divide between the local power structure and the citizens of Detroit?
  • Why do you think so many of the City staff went along with the corruption and protected those in power?
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