How to Be a Man in a Meeting

Posted on February 19, 2019


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Did you see the great article Kendra Davis wrote a few weeks ago about being a woman in a meeting? Check it out, and then read this article to learn how to be a man in a meeting.

*Sigh* I had this whole article planned out and ready to go. I was so ready to share my experience of how to be a man in a meeting. I had the bullets prepared, the questions needing answered, and the answers to those questions.

I had made these instructions so detailed, but I wanted to consult with one of my respected colleagues before publishing this post. I approached this person and said, “I try really hard to be a facilitative leader when I am in meetings, especially when women are present. I feel like I do a decent job, but I want your thoughts. What can I do to be better? What can I say to other men to make meetings a better environment for women?”

My colleague, who happened to be a woman, stopped me and said, “Kevin, you are a round-table leader. You do well respecting each person’s opinion.

But it’s not about male and female. It’s about people. When women are seen as just another human being, that’s when equality is present.”

“Wow. My blog post just got so much shorter. That is so simple. Thank you.”

It’s always about people isn’t it? Let’s keep this simple. Listen, care, respect, and as the ELGL socks say, “Be kind, and work hard”.

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