7/10 Update: I Stand Behind the City of Hamilton, OH Because…

Posted on July 5, 2016

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The city of Hamilton has really made a difference in the past few years. Changing the city to become positive for everyone.

— L. Christina

A small town with a big heart.

— Paula Tabor

I stand behind Hamilton: because our city council, through out this whole recession has managed to keep our local economy thriving and balanced. They have brought in new jobs, revitalized the mercantile building, put in be energy efficient led streetlights . I have lived in Hamilton my whole and very proud of what our city council is doing for the citizens and our community.

— Pamela Landwehr

Hamilton provides numerous activities for all ages in the city. The city leaders including the City Manager and Mayor, seem to be working together to build a brighter future for Hamilton. My wife and I move to Hamilton 12 years ago to be closer to our son and his family. It is a move we have never regretted. We are looking forward to seeing what the future holds for our city.

— Pat Millard

Small town civic town feeling with Saturday fresh market during the summer. Parade’s and Ice sculpture during the winter. Town hall meetings. We are proud of our town, police, people.

— D. Burnett

My historic city and neighborhood is transforming before my very eyes to be all I have hoped it could be and more. We have an awesome city manager, city council and city employees. They are ALL friendly and accountable via our 311 sysyem. They listen and respond and lead! Our volunteer coordinator and CORE director have an all hands on deck approach. So many people are giving their all for Hamilton! We have awesome communication and technology working for us!

— Ann Brown

Because I am proud to have grown up here, and even more proud to be a witness to and active participant in Hamilton’s revitalization. The energy and excitement around Hamilton’s bright future is palpable!

— Lauren G.

When I describe my life as a teen Hamilton, I only have positive memories. What an iconic Midwest town with all the ups and downs that many have faced, but yet Hamilton remains positive and forward thinking when others in the rust belt have given up. I only wish I had raised my children I Hamilton! I stand behind Hamilton as the kind of place everyone should get to grow up in.

— Kathy Hornak

I stand behind Hamilton because I have lived hear all my life. I have seen many projects and improvements happen to the city of Hamilton thru the years. The Mayor of Hamilton cares about our community and is taken part on many projects. One that came up very close to my heart and house. The five fathers dedication just to name one project. There have been so many; It makes me proud to say Yes I am from Hamilton Ohio!

— Dan Lander

It has the best city owned utility department in the country. The best tasting water by international award in the world. World class higher education facilities. The finest outdoor public sculpture park in the country. A new and continually revitalizing downtown area with a great open amphitheater on the river. Furthermore we have a great pumpkin festival in the fall. The city has turner the former and is now erupting into a place to be. Eben Hollywood has or will be shooting it’s 5th movie here in the last two years.

— Rob T.

I stand behind Hamilton because as a child growing up there I couldn’t wait to leave, but as an adult who now has the privilege to work with many people and organizations there I’ve had the opportunity to witness an amazing transformation. The people, the businesses, the activities, the fun are all reasons why Hamilton has become an amazing place to live, work, educate, shop, eat, enjoy, and so many other things. What an amazing place!

— Carol Lucio

I have seen the many transformations for better and for worse over the years. There is something bigger than us happening in Hamilton right now and it’s all because of the dedicated members of the community getting together with a shared vision and putting it into action.

— Megan Noster

Their social media presence keeps me updated on what is happening in Hamilton!

— Laura L.

I stand behind Hamilton due to its terrific utilities and most of all its leadership under Mayor Pat Moeller.  Hamilton is a city full of history and a bright future.

— Troy Cyrus

Hamilton has the heart of a small town but is committed to having the arts and culture of a big city. Citizens are passionate about supporting small local businesses and a thriving arts community.

— Amy W.

They work hard to make our city better for everyone that lives here.

— Amber

Because we are dedicated to serving and feeding the socio-economicly challenged thanks to the dedication of Steven Gay and Mark Mills. We care about all of the different race, creeds, and color.

— Thomasina Cole

It cares about its people. From updating and renovating our schools, to repurposing old empty buildings, my city embraces change. They keep us informed using multiple social media sources and keep us engaged in how we can make it a better place to live.

— Beth Hartsock

I am a member of its community and have lived here my whole life. I love Hamilton, because it’s the greatest city I know. Someone is always there to help you and we always come together in the hardest times. That’s when we’re truly #HamiltonProud.

— Haley Green

My wife Alison and I grew up here and still live here, it has been so exciting watching this city grow into an amazing place to live, work, and play! We are both very excited to see what is to come next for Hamilton, Ohio!

— Eddie Welch

It is one of the most engaging and entertaining places in Southwest Ohio. Our historic downtown and strong arts community mean that there is always something interesting to do. Festivals, shopping and dining all have their own unique flair that draws residents and visitors alike to enjoy everything Hamilton has to offer. As a lifelong resident, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else!

— Kris Heindorf

Instead of managing our decline like other Midwestern rust belt cities, we have engaged the built urban fabric of our industrial past and engaged our current community in embracing a quality of life that takes advantage of who we where, and who we are, and who we can be.

— Mike Dingeldein

It is my hometown! I don’t want to be anywhere else! My family and I run our own business right in the heart of downtown and we get to be on the frontline of the revitalization of this great city! There are so many great people doing wonderful things for Hamilton and I am soapy to watch it happen!

— Brandi S.

It has stood behind me and my family for almost 100 years.

— Ashlee Willis

As someone born and raised in Hamilton, I’ve been able to personally witness the city’s ups and downs and how resilient we Hamiltonians are. This city never ceases to amaze me, especially with this renaissance that’s been occurring in the past few years. We are strong, exciting, and modern, and we will only get better.

— Sly Sloderbeck

Elected officials are always doing something, to better Hamilton, and the residents are the friendliest people. Hamilton is always adding a unique feature to the city, and there is help for anyone that is in need.

— Tim Gibson

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