7/10 Update: I Stand Behind the City of Lenexa, KS Because…

Posted on July 5, 2016

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Their App, I Like Lenexa is fun, informative, and well put together. Trying to accomplish challenges sends me to Lenexa’s great parks and historical places of interest. I get quick replies from the developer if I encounter any problems. I get quick replies from the city on Facebook and Nextdoor as well. The city is very adept at many forms of social media- and they make it fun!

— Courtney

It is the small town within the city. I love the old downtown and train station. I love having access to beautiful parks and city activities. But most of all, I love the people who care about their neighbors and their city. Home.

— LoRee Knoll

I stand behind Lenexa to stay on my neighbors good side! And I love the dog pictures on the Lenexa PD Facebook page!

— S. Morgan

I love dogs almost as much as the Lenexa PD does.

— D. Brenn

It’s been a great place to work for over 25 years. The parks and parks activities are exceptional. The city staff truly cares about the citizens. The police, fire and municipal services departments are second to none. I am so fortunate to be part of this organization.

— Jill Grube

Lenexa has wonderful people! The residents take pride in their city as evidenced by the clean, safe and friendly neighborhoods. City staff is committed to making the city the best it can be and social media is a great way to stay in touch with the citizens. I rely on Facebook and Twitter news from the city to find out information on upcoming events and even which highways to avoid during peak construction times.

— Lori Kopatich

They are the most coolest police department that I have ever seen. Caring, active with the community, help and feed the needy. One of a kind. Haven’t heard of one police dept in the USA that does what they do. Keep up the good work Lenexa!

— Anny F.

They are huge supporters of Great Plains SPCA.

— David Talley

Lenexa’s social media presence is the best, bar none!

— Stephen

The emergency information it provides like power outage, road blocks, etc.

— Grady Cawthon

Couldn’t ask for a better place to work!

— D. Simms

Lenexa has the best police force ever!! Decicated, helpful, courteous, and community builders…THANK YOU for serving and keeping us safe.

— S. Adams

Of the quality of live it has given my family. The family first attitude by the governing body and all those who keep our great City moving makes me proud to call Lenexa home. I try to wear my “I LIKE LENEXA” tee shirt when I travel, and it is amazing either the people who so I like Lenexa also, or tell me they have friends in Lenexa, always positive comments.

— Mike Stein

It’s our home. We chose Lenexa because it’s safe, quiet, and beautiful.. Lenexa cares about its residents and businesses. I love that I can see where my tax dollars are going when my street gets repaved in the summer and plowed in the winter, when my sidewalk gets fixed, when our parks are continually improved, and when our service men and women are happy and helpful. From Vincent who owns the bike shop to Dale who maintains the Hen House salad bar, everyone here is your friend and family.

— Robin Simpson

They utilize a variety of social media platforms to reach as many folks as possible, often using highly engaging content.

— Up Front and Honest

Excellent Park & Rec, Fire and Emergency services. A great Police Department with their citizen academies for child and adults. WE live 5 miles from all major city services. Great Senior Services. BEST CITY IN JOHNSON COUNTY.

— Jack Stultz

Improvements & changes in the city are well planned. The greenways, the parks, the city festivals (BBQ, Chili, Spinach) are there to improve life in Lenexa. For example, the BBQ Battle – where else can you have thousands of people coming & going with minimal disturbances. The shuttle busses, the ambassadors, the police & firemen make this possible. Then after the BBQ, within 2 days Sar-Ko-Par park is back to normal. Lenexa hasn’t done this just once, they do it again & again, year after year.

— Mary Sieczkowski

Its our home! Its where I said I Do to forever. It were I bring my babies home too. Its were i build our memories. Lenexa is where I trained for my Ironman, and its where i started the job I love at. Lenexa is a small town feel, in the big city.

— Miranda Urbauer

Having been born and raised in Kansas City, I’ve seen a distinct separation with how people engage with each other as a community in Lenexa. We use apps, blogs, websites and virtual tech to keep informed while mobile. Lenexa offers events and opportunities that build family and friendships. The city is not only beautiful but has a spirit of friendliness. It’s a great place to raise kids! Police officers, utility companies, and other service providers join neighborhood groups to keep us up to date or simple answer questions and concerns. Happy to have moved here two years ago.

— Mendy Zuniga

It’s a great place to raise a family.

— Brittany

Current information about our community is always available at the touch of a button! Lenexa is a safe, fun, and caring area, always concerned about the well-being of its citizens and visitors.

— Tracy Mattis

The City of Lenexa is the best place to live and work! The people of the city and local government are wonderful!

— D. Simms

Long time resident always loved Lenexa!

— Maureen Ellman

It’s home…

— Amy

It’s awesome!

— D. Pollard

The City of Lenexa is a great place to live and work. The city really cares about the community and has great community activities. We have terrific police officers and firefighters. The city is clean with beautiful landscaping and tons of parks!

— Barbara Young

The “I Like Lenexa” slogan really sells the city short, but fits on a bumper sticker better than “I freaking love Lenexa”. Lenexa is the best community I’ve ever lived in and I feel very connected to my city because of all of the festivals, parks, and activities. The city pages are ones I follow because of their presence on social media. It’s not all about likes and trending, it’s about being relevant to the citizens and Lenexa has worked hard at that!

— Michelle Lafferty

The community is safe & well maintained.

— Doug Robinson

I stand behind Lenexa because it’s all about people- and Lenexa has great people!

— Mike Lowther

Low crime rate. Great place to raise a family.

— Jim Cossairt

Lenexa is a great city to live in. Parks, arts, restaurants, locally-owned shops, festivals, walking trails, and much, much more. It’s a lovely place to raise a family and make lasting memories with friends.

— TerriLynn Miller

It’s not only a great community to work for but also to live. There is always something going on in Lenexa whether it’s a 5k, BBQ festival, or something at one of the parks, you can always count on Lenexa for something to do. It’s a very family oriented city that focuses a lot of its events on bringing the family out for a fun night. I also work for the City of Lenexa and I see the passion the employees have for their community. We are always striving to come up with new events, or ways to improve the city.

— Audrey Brethouwer

I really appreciate the efforts to make events and especially construction notices and detours available on Facebook – it’s not only a nice way to find the information, but to ask (and read) the questions others have. You really cannot ask for a more engaging, helpful, and friendly group of people to help you to get involved in the community.

I love living in Lenexa – I can’t imagine living anywhere else!

— Pamela Kelley

Having been born and raised in Kansas City, I’ve seen a distinct separation with how people engage with each other as a community in Lenexa. We use apps, blogs, websites and virtual tech to keep informed while mobile. Lenexa offers events and opportunities that build family and friendships. The city is not only beautiful but has a spirit of friendliness. It’s a great place to raise kids! Police officers, utility companies, and other service providers join neighborhood groups to keep us up to date or simple answer questions and concerns. Happy to have moved here two years ago.

— Mendy Zuniga

Lenexa is a small town, but with all the amenities of a big city. Neighbors still help neighbors and care about each other. There are many community events that are designed to bring the community together, the Spinach Festival is my favorite! They don’t waste taxpayer money, you can see the improvements that are being made to roads and streets across the city. The police and fire departments work hard to engage the citizens to educate them on safety and other important issues of the day.

— Jessica Sherrill

I have never lived in a community that is so well-connected, beautified & their city servicemen and women ( from the police and fire departments to the parks and rec) are amazing!

— Nichole Vaughn

Lenexa cares about all of its residents. As a resident and a city employee, I have the wonderful opportunity to experience all of the many ways that Lenexa does care. As a resident, we are provided with many wonderful services and fun opportunities to come together as a community in Fellowship through festivals and events. The community is well maintained and codes are enforced by City staff to keep the city clean and safe. The parks are beautiful, the roads are smooth, and the police and fire departments protect us. As a city employee, I see that the city hires people who care about the community and have a real passion for making the community amazing! Lenexa works really hard to communicate with its residents through its website, its newsletter, and through personal contact. I like Lenexa!

— Jennifer Martin

I have never seen or heard of a group of officers that give back to the community like they do. There coat drive, the tipping cops day which I can see is a lot of fun, and at the same time they are helping families. The info that they share is always helpful. I look forward to there post on all my social media.

— Anny Figueroa

All the police cars and city cars are shiny and new! It’s good to be the City of Lenexa!

— Jim McCormick

Lenexa is very proactive and progressive in its approach to informing citizens. What’s also clear is that this city prioritizes two-way communication channels — meaning they don’t just push out content, they also provide multiple ways for people to talk back, And Lenexa seems to be listening.

Here’s something else that impresses me about Lenexa and, in particular, Kristen Waggoner: She’s teaching *other* cities across the U.S. how to use innovative platforms to successfully connect with citizens, just like they’ve done.

What Kristen and Lenexa are doing is not typical — it’s quite extraordinary for a city government, really, and citizens are far better for it. So, I stand behind Lenexa!

— Jay Socol

It is a great place to work & raise a family.

— Doug Robinson

Of the many parks and biking trails that are offered to the community. There are also many festivals in Lenexa which add to the appeal.

— Linda Martin

They have a small town feel, everyone is so friendly and helpful. Lenexa is an amazing place to raise a family with all of the family friendly things to do such as the amazing parks, festivals, and programs.

— Ashlee Bullard

Crime rate is extremely low. And it’s a great place to raise a family.

— Jim Cossairt

Most of my family lives in Lenexa and I work for Lenexa. It’s a wonderful place to live and raise a family, and the Parks and Rec department does such a wonderful job of putting together festivals and events.

— MacKenzie Harvison

I have lived in Lenexa for over 40 years and I wouldn’t move anywhere else. Our Police and Fire departments are the best. The Police are well trained, keep the citizens informed of what happens on our streets and offer a citizen’s training program to understand how the department functions. We have an App available to let us know what events are coming up. Lenexa always plans for the future and I feel our Mayor and the officials who work with him are forward thinkers. I LOVE LENEXA! Best place to raise a family!

— Betty Rogowski

It’s a great city to live in because of excellent city services, good schools, a fantastic police department (and a low crime rate) and both the city and PD do an excellent job communicating with residents.

— Kyle Stoker

They have the most outstanding police force!

— Charlotte Beck

Lenexa is an extra-ordinary midwest city with good schools, good government, fabulous law enforcement and many churches that reinforce good morals and laws. Many social activities throughout the year that are well attended, especially our Chilli cookout and Bar-B-Que contest.

— Thomas Dolezal

Lenexa stands behind me! My family and I feel safe and secure under the watch of the most diligent police and fire departments in KC!

— Kevin Transue

Great mid-west city. Its where I work. Love Lenexa.

— A. Wiglesworth

Lenexa PD twitter is both informative and entertaining!! Love that they have personality and engage with the public.

— Jamie Chavez

It makes a large suburban population feel like a hometown and truly practices stewardship of the natural resources here and around the region.

— Robin Olson

Vision and creativity is displayed in communication with citizens and staff.

— Lisa York

My son-in-law is a prime example of great service and protection as a canine cop for the Lenexa Police Department. I’ve gotten to know a few officers and I’m proud of what they do!

— Diane Lehr

Most of my family lives in Lenexa and I work for Lenexa. It’s a wonderful place to live and raise a family, and the Parks and Rec department does such a wonderful job of putting together festivals and events.

— MacKenzie Harvison

Crime rate is extremely low. And it’s a great place to raise a family.

— Jim Cossairt

The city of Lenexa is amazing with communicating with the citizens of Lenexa! We’ve had a lot of construction in our city lately, and Lenexa has done a great job of updating us on changes. But the city of Lenexa does more than just update on construction- they connect people to events, and foster a strong sense of community.

— Greg Speicher

I could go on and on about the parks, police involvement in the community, how good the government keeps the public informed and involved. It is just a great place to live and raise a family.

— Melissa

It really is a great city! Amazing City Government and community events. One if the nicest cities I’ve ever visited.

— Beverly Huckaba

Lenexa is a great place to live. It has the feel of a small town but the amenities of many larger cities. Public safety is a top priority for the city and police/fire services are some of the best in the country. We specifically moved to Lenexa years ago because of the outstanding services and affordable living. Their social media presence is top notch. They keep the public notified of events via Facebook, Twitter, Nextdoor, etc. They also respond to posts more quickly than any public agency I have ever seen.

— Kevin Thomas

I loved everything about Lenexa when I lived there. The small town feel with a big city connection and community. I miss it terribly!!

— Ady Carder

Lenexa is such a welcoming community and city all around. Every department from the City to the Fire Department to the Police Department, you will always be greeted with a smiling face! They keep us informed and up to day on many social media outlets too!

— Elizabeth P.

It’s a great family town that’s growing.

— Jacy Thompson

Lenexa’s social media work is unparalleled, particularly for a city of its size, and the citizens truly appreciate the effort the city puts into communication.

—  Beccy Yocham

This city is just awesome! From the city services to the public safety it is top notch!

— D. Mendoza

The city values and engagement make it a wonderful city to work and live in.

— Don Tinsley

Because of their dedication to their citizens, the stellar police department and the officers that make it great, their commitment to community and how they provide a constant flow of opportunities for that community to come together through events like the BBQ, Spinach Festival, 4th of July Parade, and many others! We love Lenexa and are proud to be a part of it!

— Shannon Klepac

I really Like Lenexa!

— Kyle Bodenstab

Having worked in the city for several years I can tell it truly is a special place to live and work. Lenexa does social media right! The city account is always updated and keeps us informed of events, street closures, festivals, and anything else we want to know. Police and fire also do a great job of keeping us informed as well as entertained. Keep up the good work!

— Matt Skinner

A culture of transparency with citizens runs deep within the city’s agencies. This can be observed in ordinary conversation with employees aside from any specific efforts with social media.

— Bruce Wofford

Lenexa does everything with pizzazz. They provide valuable programs for all citizens, have the best police and fire forces anywhere and top notch dedication and caring. They are the best!!

— Shan Leatherman

They have been voted the safest police department in Kansas! They keep in contact with residents they are the most popular on social media! They host a lot of things! They interact with the kids and adults! When there protecting us and patrolling they stop to talk to kids they just talk! They are the kindest people in the world!

— Tanner Bush

Lenexa offers outstanding parks and recreation opportunities for residents and others, and it hosts many fabulous family-friendly festivals and events throughout the year. The sense of community in Lenexa is much stronger than in other suburbs, and there are numerous reasons to be PROUD to live in Lenexa!

— Amanda Holt

It’s a wonderful place to live! Great city services, friendly people, easy to get around! Reasonable cost of living. we love it!!

— Mary Dykmann

Lenexa is full of safe and clean neighborhoods and is a great city for walking! People are friendly – we all wave !

— Evie Craig

Lenexa is a Big city with a small-town feel. The citizens of Lenexa are all kind, considerate and wonderful to visitors. Our City Hall, police department and fire department are the best in the entire metro area. They are excellent at letting us know via social media about everything, whether it is a home on fire or a small traffic accident, or even our festivals and holiday celebrations. I feel like I know everyone because you see the same people shopping and you see the same people while you’re out dining and it’s just wonderful how we treat each other.

— Jannie Waller

My city gives me many opportunities to stay active by using over 30 different parks, trails, and open spaces, including lakes and creeks. I can sign up for organized fitness classes through our parks and rec program, or I can join a number of local gyms.

I appreciate the number of local activities offered by Lenexa. Anything from festivals and events to aquatics and art can be found throughout the year. All offer accessible locations and free or reasonable fees making well-being a priority for our community.

— Mark and Rachel Williams

It is a great place to live and raise a family. It feels like everything you get in a small town and a big city combined. We feel safe, because our police force is organized and accessible.

— Patricia Merry

They are a integral part of the KC Metro!

— Emily Hawkins

It is a great place to live!

— Michelle G.

It has a small town feel and many free activities for kids and families. We love Lenexa!

— Laura M.

Lenexa is the best place to live in the Kansas City Metro! Friendly, beautiful, great services, shopping, parks, schools, roads and leaders who plan for the future.

— Glenda Ruff

Lenexa cares about the community. They keep their residents informed in a timely basis and respond to questons quickly.

— Carol Waggener

Lenexa has an incredible social media- it is both engaging and informative on issues that affect ALL of Lenexa population. From road closures, to parades, children’s events, you name it! But what I really appreciate is that when someone writes on the City of Lenexa’s facebook wall, a Lenexa staff member responds quickly with the appropriate information, or to simply acknowledge that that person’s voice has been heard.

— G. Speicher

Because the city has so many fun events and it really makes an effort to engage with residents in a meaningful way!

— Amanda Keller

Lenexa Rocks!

— Kelly Fry

Lenexa is one of the best cities around. The amount of community activities and the cities enthusiasm at every event makes it even better. Lenexa offers so much to the community and we are protected by the best police and fire department in the nation. Lenexa is still growing and the communities help, everyone will know where Lenexa is.

— Skyler Stuke

The city is responsive to requests, queries, and comments via social media! They also keep residents informed and encourage participation in public forums via social media.

— M. Light

It is the best little community in the Midwest. I have lived and worked in Lenexa for 14 years and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. The majority of our residents are proud to be Lenexans and work together to make our community great.

— Ted Semadeni

It’s not easy to stand out when you are surrounded by other large cities, but there is so much pride in living & working in Lenexa. We have everything…shopping, parks, culture, history, great schools, restaurants, etc. The folks here care about their city!

— Stacie Stromberg

It is an up and coming place to live and work! Lenexa has wonderful community events, parks and schools! It is a great place to raise a family. The new civic center in Western Lenexa is an exciting new development project for the City of Lenexa. It will create more jobs and will be a central hub for the community to gather. Lenexa is GREAT!

— April Beretta

Lenexa is an incredible city! It has a great community spirit and is the perfect place to live, work and play! We are the city of festivals and entertain wonderful people from all over the region. We always do things “The Lenexa Way”, which has true meaning to those in the community.

— Andy Huckaba

I’ve lived here 20 years and have raised my family here. I love that Lenexa has embraced social media and recognizes that in 2016 it is a very effective way to get the word out to residents about everything from the fun to the serious. The video they posted about a cattle roundup by police on the interstate went viral — as a government agency they see the humor in everyday experiences. Our family is proud to be a part of this community — and are thrilled that they are being recognized on a national level for their social media presence.

— Katy Crow

As a City government, Lenexa has a clearly-defined set of values which drive all of the decisions it makes on behalf of its citizens. And the citizens overwhelmingly approve (as demonstrated in a bi-annual survey) of the job the city does. It’s a great place to live and to work.

— Jim Bowers

I like Lenexa because it offers the friendliness of a small town, with all the amenities and culture of a much bigger city. The festivals are awesome, and the webpage makes me feel like a part of a vibrant and exciting community. I use the I like Lenexa App to keep track of the upcoming events, and I look at the webpage regularly for information about my community. I follow Lenexa on Facebook and Twitter, and I’m always interested in the stories about my local community – and they are shared so well, and in such an engaging way by the staff. This is truly an outstanding community!

— Kelly Perkins

Lenexa is awesome because their governing board and city staff are proactive about serving their city. They plan extremely well and always have a great TEAM outlook on projects and events. This couldn’t be more true with the work that Kristen does for the social media platforms. She delivers the information needed by citizens in a fun, convenient, and creative way. The information shared is both well thought out and appropriate. #ILikeLenexa

— John Forbis

We are small and mighty! Lenexa’s commitment to engaging and informing citizens is unparalleled. Transparency, honesty, integrity, and accountability are all part of the reason we invest so much effort into our social media presence. In a time when citizens’ distrust in government is at an all-time high, Lenexa remains at the forefront of earning the public’s trust through the communications channels they use every day.

— Mike Nolan

Our communications team spends a lot of time making sure our social media is relevant. Sure everyone is doing it, but if you’re not doing it right, you might as well be sending smoke signals to your residents.

— D. Dulin

It is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. The parks are superb and the community is friendly and involved! I’d never want to live anywhere else!

— Liz Bukaty

I do the social media for the city! We work really hard to educate, inform and entertain our residents on social media, and they appreciate our efforts. Lenexa’s community pride is strong, and it’s an honor to be part of such a great community!

— Kristen Waggener

It still has a hometown feel even though it is part of a bigger city.

— Jenny Doty

The communication tools utilizes by the City of Lenexa are timely, relevant and have a voice that is easy to understand and give attention to. The use of unique photos, video and humor make daily news interesting. Although I do not utilize all avenues of communication put out by the City, those I do use educate and inform me in a way that makes me want to keep looking for more information. Not only are the online platforms given proper attention, but so are printed materials and branding of City offerings.

All in all, the effort put forth by City staff are highlighted when the community takes a step back and says, ” I Like Lenexa”. It is this sentiment that best reflects the effort that the City of Lenexa puts forth to ensure that the community of Lenexa is receiving the best; in this instance, the best in how they receive news and information regarding the City. As they say, communication is key!

— Lauren Ozburn

There is always something fun going on. Whether you like beautiful parks, rec classes, festivals, food trucks, parades, bike rides, historical presentations, art gallaries, police classes, fire station open houses, coffee with a cop, or movies and concerts in the park, you can always find something fun to do in Lenexa!

— Pam Mott

It is a City that embraces the small town values of family and quality of life while working towards new growth and development. The City’s governing body and City staff takes their jobs very seriously to ensure that residents and businesses receive the services and support they need to continue to enjoy life here.

— Julie Steiner

Lenexa has a true sense of identity, it has its own character and civic pride!

Lenexa has Facebook and Twitter pages that are constantly updated, whether it be traffic updates or civic events. If something happens, they keep the residents informed.

Lenexa listens to its residents, the Planning Commission and City Council continually maintains an objective approach to issues in order to promote the highest quality of life possible for the residents. With careful planning, Lenexa has experienced enormous growth that has been well planned, maintained, controlled and welcome. This ensures the quality of business and residential life in Lenexa that its residents and businesses have come to expect.

Lenexa has the most beautiful parks and all kinds of activities. The Parks Department is always busy planning the next event for the community, you will never be short of things to do! People and families do things together. We know our neighbors, their children and even their pets. There’s usually someone you can call on to help in the event you need it. Everyone reaches out to help others when there is a crisis, like a fire or somebody loses their dog, you would be amazed at how the Lenexa community, our police and fire departments, rally together to get the residents the help they need.

I think back to my childhood, when life was not quite as chaotic and hectic, I remember a wide open sky with lots of stars, that is Lenexa. We have fresh air; I remember seeing the postcards of kids skipping through fields of flowers, that too is Lenexa. You have all the amenities of the larger cities, without the hustle and bustle.

I grew up in a small town and could not wait to leave, however, as I look back, I took small towns for granted, but now, I appreciate them for what they are. Lenexa is a mid size town (bigger than I grew up in) with traditional values and tends to have a certain way of doing things, values are more ingrained. Lenexa residents are polite and respectful, the friendliest people you will find anywhere!

You not only feel that you belong to the community, you really do!

— Lu Johnson

Lenexa is a fantastic community which has retained a small-town feel while booming into an exciting, forward-thinking town. The city’s social media does a great job engaging residents and keeping the feel of the community.

— Denise Rendina

I stay informed on events, activities, emergencies, tips on conservation and gardening, road construction and more! I feel very connected to the city I call home.

— Korinne

How do you compress all that is great about Lenexa and their social media into a short statement? Lenexa uses more social media channels to get information out to residents, staff and other interested parties than I knew existed. Staff and administration are very progressive and want to keep residents, employees and those who visit Lenexa for work or pleasure informed of not only important and timely information, but also strive to make posts interesting and fun to encourage interaction with those reading the posts. For a ‘smaller’ city they sure make a loud roar with their posts to multiple sites. I consistently share social media posts from all departments with friends and family who do not live or work in Lenexa. Many times the posts are applicable to those not in Lenexa and are greatly appreciated. It is great to get posts from such a great organization.

— Amy Barenklau

They are a fantastic city to live in! Their parks are wonderful and the Park Passport program was a great way for me and my son to explore all the public parks in Lenexa and found many that we had no idea were there – such an inventive, fun idea!. The police department is great – doing a motorcycle competition, coffee with a cop, citizens academy and K9 Demos – very engaged with the community, They support charities and local teams by coloring the fountain out in front of city hall. Lenexa BBQ is one of the best to attend at Sar Ko Par Park – also held at that park is the Spinach Festival and Enchanted Forest at Halloween. They have a chili cookoff, and parade in the downtown areas.. And they have wonderful restaurants and the best gym for miles. They also update their FB page in fun ways with entertaining information about road closings, openings,, events, heat advisories. And their I Like Lenexa campaign is just fun. Best city in KS!

— C. Martin

Their social media presence is amazing! The last city I lived in had very little communication through social media. In addition, we have a new community & market center coming next year!

— Tammy B.

Of the people. Lenexa really has a small-town feel but the benefits of the city. The people are amazing…friendly, and helpful. We have top-notch schools and city services.

— Cindy Gordanier

There are so many wonderful festivals and parks for the whole family to love.

— Megan Langford

The Governing Body and city officials of Lenexa are always responsive to citizens and work hard to provide an excellent quality of life and fun things to do in our community.

— Jeanette Mellske

I’m a Colorado native who grew up in small town in the mountains. My friends always ask, why Kansas, why Lenexa? Here is what I tell them, the people are so friendly, we have all of the amenities of a large city, we are close to beautiful downtown Kansas City, there’s always a festival or city activity the family can choose to attend, the schools are great, I love the rolling hills, the trees in the fall, and knowing that the city is continually staying on the cutting edge of technology, business, and growth while maintaining a small town feel. So actually, we Love Lenexa!

— L. Gallagher

It is a beautiful city with opportunities every weekend throughout the year and they do a great job of letting everyone know what is going on!!

— Danny Huntsinger

Incredible community involvement, awareness, fun, parks and rec, activities, and more.

— Mat L.

I have lived in Lenexa for 30 years and I stand behind it for the feeling of a small town with the benefits of a big city. The many festivals, parks and shopping are great.

— Terri Hayes

Lenexa is a great city, I love taking pictures of all the events that happen year round. There is always something fun to do, beautiful parks, great food, entertainment, clean, dog friendly, convenient to all major highways and a perfect place to call home!!! WE LOVE LENEXA!

— Terri & Mark Minter

Lenexa has a great history and is always working hard to be on the cutting edge! The City of Lenexa delivers excellent customer service by being transparent and accessible to its residents in many ways, including social media.

— Emily Semadeni

Great location! Great friends and neighbors! Great city services! Public Works stays on top of the city’s needs and maintenence issues, making Lenexa the best city ever! Oh, and did I tell you how much we love the Lenexa Parks and Recreation Department? Wonderful hiking trails, parks and activities for the entire community! I LIKE LENEXA!

— Diane Smith

I have lived in Lenexa since 1974, it has beautiful neighborhoods, easy access to highways, the city is constantly updating the roads and parks, lots of small business, lots of activities for all age groups. There is a great website for info. Just a great place!!!

— Deborah Kidwell

With the upcoming July 4th holiday, I am proud to be an American but that pride is built upon a foundation of community satisfaction that begins at the local level. Lenexa has been my legal residence for about 42 years. Among my childhood memories, some of my favorites include the Lenexa celebrations that continue to this day. Over the years, new events have been added to provide our community a breadth of opportunities to observe cultural traditions and enjoy time with family and friends. These events are made possible and more enjoyable due to the tremendous effort made buy our Lenexa leadership, employees, and volunteers to keep our community safe, healthy, well-maintained, and informed. Lenexa social media communication plays a pivotal role in helping us stay up-to-date on practically every aspect of community activities.

Our Police Department reaches out to the community in many different ways. From a casual “Coffee with a Cop” to public education seminars. I was able to participate because of their use of social media to make announcements that might otherwise be missed through other methods of communication. During an Open House event, my Dad and I got to explore the internal offices and equipment with other law-abiding citizens. While attending a Use of Force seminar, many of our residents in attendance appeared to develop a new appreciation for the police perspective in protecting themselves and our citizens. The Lenexa Police Department, along with the Fire Department, also has a robust presence on social media to disseminate critical public safety information as well as engage in more enjoyable dialogue. Our new Chief of Police, Thomas Hongslo, uses social media to help us learn more about the background and achievements of our law enforcement officers.

Although much of the exciting new Lenexa development will place City Hall a little further away from our home, easier highway access may actually make it a shorter drive and social media will keep us just as connected. The City has reliably updated our community on the design, funding, and construction progress through social media that includes links to supporting graphics and videos. One of my recent favorites has been the time-lapse photography of a major bridge reconstruction project. Like the Police Department, the City also uses social media to make other announcements and engage in more enjoyable dialogue. My family appreciates the regular updates on road maintenance. Also, I was able to enjoy a free Rock and Roll concert in the park after catching a social media post. Our City Council member, Andy Huckaba, engages our ward regularly through social media and bridges our community with the rest of the City and other local communities with his extensive involvement in leadership development and digital communications. He also provides us his expert opinion on a wide selection of tasty brewed beverages!

While my family has enjoyed our 42 years of living in Lenexa. We find the City’s use of social media to make it even easier to enjoy it more. Our new memories are more positively shaped and recorded by digital communications that help prevent delays, promote public health and safety, and keep us informed about the issues and events that make Lenexa a digitally advanced and popular community. I Like Lenexa and love its social media!

— W.H. Buckhannan

Lenexa is an amazing community with lots of events, a very active police department in getting to know the community and in revitalizing,. I love Lenexa!

— Melissa Westbrook

Great neighbors, parks, easy access to all other parts of our metro and I call it “Beautiful, crime free Lenexa.”

— Sue Gravatt

Lenexa is a great place to live and raise a family. The numerous bike trails and beautiful parks encourage an active lifestyle, and the city is always working to maintain and improve our roads and public areas.

— J. Whitlock

They have the greatest mobile app ever!

— Chris Stillwell

Great place to live. The city uses social media to keep us informed of events, construction, safety issues etc.

— Penni Lynn

It is a wonderful forward looking community that encompasses plans, neighborhoods, parks and festivals for people of all ages and interests!

— Pat Erington

As a employee and the resident of the city of Lenexa it’s nice to know a city that cares for its residents & employees

— J. Rendon

It is a beautiful suburb of KC..and the picture used is my cousin’s family. They love Lenexa and aren’t afraid to show it!

— Susie Martin

Of all the amazing events and amenities that make it clear that the city has a clear vision to remain a fantastic place to live, play and grow!

— Kristin Archer

Clean and safe city! Great friends and neighbors! Great city services! Public Works stays on top of the city’s needs and maintenance issues. I love the Lenexa Parks and Recreation Department?! The hiking trails, the parks and the activities offered for all ages of the community are just wonderful! I LIKE LENEXA!”

— Barb Watkins

I like being a part of this community.

— Blake Higgins

The people are friendly and it’s a great city to raise a family. We also enjoy the nature and trails we can walk or ride bikes on. Our kids enjoy playing in the creeks. We even have a neighborhood fox that makes an appearance quite often.

— Laurie Walker

The City leaders and their supporters do a wonderful job ensuring a safe, fun and beautiful place to raise a family!

— Asia Hoge

I love living in Lenexa because the city employees are so nice & friendly. I put in a request for a park bench this spring and they told me it was approved & they had it installed in no time. They have a lot of programs for seniors.  It has a small town atmosphere – but is really close to lots of shopping and restaurants. They do a good job of keeping you informed.

— Janette Mabry

Because the people come first. Whether it’s the city employees, residents, businesses or visitors, all are embraced with a high priority to make Lenexa an awesome place to work, live, or simply enjoy! Extremely progressive technically, creative and hospitable; no wonder the I Like Lenexa bumper stickers are flying off the shelf!

— Lonnie England

The city values green space and wellness. The parks and miles of well-maintained trails are wonderful! There are plenty of reasons to get outside and enjoy it.

— Emily Behrmann

We live here, thrive here and love here! Lenexa is our town! We LIKE (but really LOVE) LENEXA!

— Lindsay Welsch

It’s an amazing place to grow up! I lived in Lenexa until I moved away to college, and it was the perfect place. Everyone is so nice and supportive, and the city gives kids a lot of opportunities not only to stay involved and have fun, but also to interact with the government. One of my favorite elementary school memories was an “I Like Lenexa” day, where we got to tour City Hall and have local government officials speak to our classes. It was really fun, and I still have the “I Like Lenexa” sticker that I got on that day!

— Grace Rogers

It has a small town feel in the middle of the KC area. It has been a wonderful place to raise a family and put down roots. Great city planning years ago has lead to great neighborhoods. Very well run city.

— Susan Suzuki

I stand behind Lenexa because I have lived in several states and traveled all around the world, but Lenexa is the BEST place to live by far. The parks and rec are amazing, the schools are top notch, and the sense of community is second to none. I live in a suburb of a fairly large city, but I feel like I live in a small town. Lenexa has it ALL!

— Kim Spillman

It has been home for 16 years to our family. We moved here for the beautiful neighborhoods, parks and trails. The wise person that sold us our home told us to get involved with the city. It has lots to offer. That couldn’t be more true. The city’s services and safety are superb. The kids play outside without fear. The programming from senior center to parks and recreation to citizens police academy to the festivals serve all ages and stages. What makes Lenexa really great is the citizens’ involvement. So many people volunteer in every aspect, from planning to collecting seeds and planting wildflowers. I like Lenexa.

— Kerri Wade

Lenexa is fun, comfy and safe place to live. City is very people oriented. One day you could have coffee with cops, another day you could say hi to fire fighters. And every year you could try the best BBQ from different states. Here is something for everyone and “I Love Lenexa” app helps us to keep on track of all fun things City has to offer.

— Jane Alstatt

A active community that keeps to the past but pushes the envelope on future endeavors…a true balance. City services are accessible and parks and rec are very good. Highly active with connecting to residents via technology and are quick to respond to roadside improvements.

— Mitchell O’ Laughlin

The community in Lenexa is amazing. There are always community and family events being offered. We’ve lived her 26 years and still love it ❤️

— Jeanne Dykmann

I stand behind lenexa because we take pride in our families and neighborhoods. Our police and fire departments are always fast and effective. People in Lenexa help one another out. Our streets are clean,our parks are safe and fun and during the summer our pools are great. There have been times when I have had just random questions about events and for some reason was unable to find them and I have messaged or posted on kenexa Fb and gotten a response within an hour. I almost hope Lenexa doesn’t get more attention I don’t want more people moving here. I love the small town feel surrounded by big things. It’s definitely a community where neighbors give back and help each other out. Good luck lenexa!!

— Kayleigh Langford

It’s a great community where council and staff care about the people they serve. Always seeking new and better ways to connect with the community on a variety of platforms including social media outlets, “311” and “I Like Lenexa” apps, etc. I have worked for the city for 21 years and very happy to be a new resident.

— Travis Vaughn

This city cares about its community members. The parks are clean, the activities are engaging and fun, and the city officials are so supportive of the citizens. The police department also has an unbeatable community presence. I chose to buy my home here because I stand behind Lenexa.

— Aimee Hirsch

It’s home! Lenexa is more than just a city in Kansas, it’s a warm, welcoming community with some of the nicest and most genuine people in the US.

— Holly Kaspar

It’s a great community filled with great people and lots of fun events for all ages!

— Elizabeth Farnham

Arrived from Mexico to Lenexa because of my husband job, we had amazing almost 4 years, lived very relaxed, our family visited and were surprised how happy the people seemed, very friendly! Had to go back to Mexico because visa expired. Last year he got the opportunity to go back to the old job! No doubt we knew we wanted to come back to Lenexa! Now with 2 children, we enjoy the parks, activities, safety! This has been a great year! the boys have not been homesick at all! We love Lenexa!!!!

A. Arensams

There are so many things I love about Lenexa! There are beautiful, clean parks & many fun festivals for the whole family. We are a smaller community, conveniently located to a large city with even more activities, and major sport groups close by – Chiefs, Royals, and Sporting KC. It is safe here with very little crime, with great police & fire departments. We are near major interstates so it is very easy to get around. The convenience of living close to libraries, banks, and grocery stores and large retail stores is great too! I truly love living in Lenexa!

— Barbara Hurd

It’s a beautiful small city with kind and warm-hearted citizens. If your car breaks down in Lenexa, you’ll have 17 people stop and ask you if you need help.

— Missy Christensen

It is a great place to raise a family.

— Laurie Powers

Lenexa is a wonderful place to live, the people, the businesses, the activities, the parks… This has been my home since I was 6 years old and I was thrilled to buy a home and raise my own family here too. Lenexa is the place to be! I LIKE LENEXA!

— Katie Mangelsdorf

The police department has an incredible team reaching out daily to the youth in the community – they build relationships that will last a lifetime.

— Kelly Melissa

The board is genuinely concerned for the customers of the City. No personal agendas are attached.

— Michael Nash

I have lived in Lenexa for the last 13 years. This city is beautiful and a wonderful place to raise kids. There are so many wonderful parks to visit, fun activities and festivals, and yummy places to eat. Lenexa has somehow created a small town feel in the middle of a big growing area. I love Lenexa and proud to be a part of this wonderful city!

— Lydia Bender

In today’s world transparency seems to be the word used to mean explain, inform, describe or etc. The one thing Lenexa has done is remain transparent and keep us informed on our local Government. They keep us up to date on weather, City Council, city expansion, construction/repair interruptions, police/crime activities, community activities, personal introductions to the Police Dept. command staff and etc. I enjoy reading about our city and the good rather than just all the bad. I feel this approach helps to curtail much of the bad and to lets us know who Government is on a more personal level.

— Jeff Shrutz

Lenexa keeps us informed of activities going on in the city. But most important they have joined the app NextDoor so we now have instant knowledge of any problems that are going on specifically in our area of town. The city departments are most helpful and direct you to the person who can give you the best answer to your questions. I also like that the city keeps us up to date with postings on Facebook. I LIKE LENEXA!

— Jane Fallek

Of their engaged police force that offers a summer “Police Academy” for youth to get engaged with law enforcement! It is a one of a kind program!!

— Gail Balling

Lenexa is social media forward! It’s the best way to communicate in today’s society. I don’t live there but I do wish my town would catch up! I can’t wait to take “flat Stanley” (the foam police car) across the country to my sons wedding!! Love the positive community involvement! Way to go Lenexa!

— Samantha Donaldson

This beautiful city I grew up in is always growing. It gets better and better. The parks are around every neighborhood and kept up to stay up to date. I love the trees and grass it has great communication and services. I feel safe

— BJ Goering

Our city is fun and always working to engage residents. Whether it’s an art show or movie in the park or updating our trails, the city keeps us informed on all happenings!!!!

— Nancy Mays

It is a wonderful community and a great place to raise a family

— Lisa Draper

It’s a great community. Park System is fantastic! Community activities/festivals wonderful! Maintenance, landscaping, development, job opportunities …. I could go on and on …

— Todd Smith

Great place to live, wonderful parks and trails!!

— Lisa Gulley

It’s a wonderful place to live! Great city services, friendly people, easy to get around! Reasonable cost of living. we love it!!

— Mary Dykmann

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