ICMA Webinar: Storytelling to Promote Positive Solutions

Posted on October 23, 2014

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Our friends at ICMA have a webinar coming up next Wednesday – it will focus on how storytelling can help local government find positive solutions. You do not have to be an ICMA member to participate.

1:00 – 2:30 p.m. PT, Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cal-ICMA Coaching Program in partnership with ICMA State Association Coaching Partners: Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, and Wisconsin

*** Advance registration required for this no-charge webinar***


Webinar topics:

1. What’s the value of storytelling in helping local government find positive solutions?

2. What are examples of effective storytelling and how did they work?

3. How can you develop your storytelling capabilities?


  • Frank Benest, ICMA Liaison for Next Generation Initiatives
  • Bill Chiat, Dean, CSAC Institute for Excellence in County Government
  • Joyce Munro, Budget & Management Services Dir., Raleigh, NC

Audience:  all employees

1. Register in advance for the webinar:

There is no charge for participating in the webinars, but each requires advance registration.

*** Advance registration required for this no-charge webinar:


2.  Connect with the webinar and audio:

Use your logon information from the email confirmation you receive via email from GoToWebinar. We recommend the telephone option dial-in number provided by GoToWebinar for sound quality. Depending upon your internet connection, VOIP option for audio (computer speakers) can have delays or sound quality issues.

3. Ask questions:

You may submit questions anonymously via email to [email protected] in advance or via the webinar during the panel discussion. As moderator for the session, Don Maruska will pose the questions.

4. Presenters’ presentation materials:

We post these with the Agenda at “Agendas & Archives” tab of www.cal-icma.org/coaching. A PDF of the presentation materials will be available at least 2 hours before the webinar.

After a webinar occurs, a digital recording along with a PDF of the presentation materials and results of the polling questions will be available after 24 hours at the “Agendas & Archives” tab of www.cal-icma.org/coaching.

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