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Innovation Series: GovFresh & Government Websites

Posted on October 19, 2014

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Coming on November 4th we have a webinar all about local government websites. GovFresh a company founded to encourage public service innovation and civic entrepreneurs will be talking about GovPress a custom built WordPress website format for government. Check out the details and register below.

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Register for the GovFresh Webinar on Nov. 4

How are they innovative?

Creating an online presence for government can be hard, especially for small cities with a constrained budget. Recognizing this the City of Ferndale, Washington reached out to Luke Fretwell at GovFresh for help. Luke was able to build a custom WordPress theme for local government. This theme means that governments can create their own customized websites for free using WordPress.

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GovFresh also has a great blog and their work has been recognized in Fast Company, Mashable, Huffington Post, O’Reilly Radar, San Francisco Chronicle and TechPresident, among others. FedTech magazine named GovFresh one of the ‘50 Must-Read Federal Government IT Blogs of 2013‘ calling it “a refreshing look at the human side of technology … and a forward-thinking approach to content.”

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RSVP: Mark your calendar for November 4th at 12:00 pm PT (2pm CT, 3pm ET) and register here: govfresh-webinar.eventbrite.com. All of our webinars take place at anymeeting.com/ELGLwebinar, simply log on with an email.


Meet the Speakers

luke fretwellLuke Fretwell founded GovFresh over five years ago to share information about government technology. For the past 15 years, he has helped startups and early-stage businesses find their footing and grow into successful entrepreneurial ventures. Companies he currently works closely with include NuCivic and CivicActions. Civic projects he’s played key roles in include GovPress, the WordPress theme for government, and CityCamp, which was adopted by more than 20 cities worldwide, and the newly-launched CivicMakers.

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sam taylorSam Taylor is the City Clerk for Ferndale, Washington a community of 11,415 close to the Canadian border near the Puget Sound. Same is a former journalist and forever open government advocate, he is working toward his MPA from Kent State University.  He learned from GovFresh that, “Small cities don’t need to be afraid of upgrading their web presence to enhance transparency for their citizens and they can do it so simply with something like WordPress, and there’s a theme out there – sort of the clothing of their site – that is designed specifically with governments in mind. And, again, it’s free!”

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Register for the GovFresh Webinar on Nov. 4

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