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Posted on February 4, 2015

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3-bloggingWe had a great turnout for today’s “Women in Local Gov Leadership” webinar and it was a good reminder that we need to keep this conversation front-and-center throughout 2015.

Please sign up to be a guest blogger with ELGL on #13Percent issues.  Each week, we’ll feature a new perspective so we don’t lose sight of the issues we talked about today.

Nervous about blogging?  Your ELGL friends will make it easy and fun.  When you sign up, we’ll share ideas and perspectives with you. If we’re going to advance this issue, we all need to take part.  Sign up today for a guest blogging spot so we can fill every week in 2015 with ELGL perspectives and ideas.  Each week, you can log on and read new perspectives and ideas.

We heard interesting topics in today’s discussion – ways to promote work life balance; how word choice matters; and creative solutions (blind interviews?! – awesome!) to the #13Percent challenge.  Together, we can raise awareness of these topics.  Sign up and blog today!

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