Let’s Discuss: Citizen Management Software, Budgeting, Safety Committee

Posted on February 18, 2017

The 749 members of the members only ELGL Facebook group are busy helping each other with a number of local government issues. Below is a sampling of the discussion. Join the conversation if you are an ELGL member.

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  • What constituent/citizen complaint software does your organization use?
  • I am doing a presentation this fall on the different budget methods and I need some case studies. Has your local government in the last 5 years changed your budget methodology? If so let me know and pass along your budget officer’s info would be awesome!
  • Question for the group…does anyone have a functioning safety committee at their city hall and would be willing to share related documents & info? I’m looking to see how other communities use their safety committees – meeting content and topics, members, activities, etc.
  • We are about to embark on two major road projects this year that affect two of the most heavily used roadways through our city. The timing to do both at the same time is terrible, but unavoidable. To me this screams for a mini strat-comm plan. So does anyone have any info they would be willing to share on how you’ve communicated a major project like this with your community? Thinking written mailings, project website, dedicated social media pages, meeting presentations and the like.
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