Local Government Appreciation Days

Posted on March 9, 2020

Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash

Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash

How do you celebrate your local gov team?

Employee Appreciation Day was March 6th, but why limit your celebration of employees to just one day, when you can celebrate your team throughout the year! Nearly every professional organization has identified a day, week, or even month to celebrate and appreciate the contributions of their profession, and local government pros are no exception.

Why it Matters.

At a time when Gallup reports that only 35% of US employees are “engaged” at work and workplace culture is an increasingly important factor in employee retention, you can help celebrate the contributions of your co-workers, staff, and volunteers on their special day. And no, it’s not just the job of your boss or HR manager to build a workplace culture of appreciation, it takes a village.

How to Celebrate.

Whether it’s a proclamation or recognition, thoughtful note, social media shout out, community celebration, or the fan favorite…food, collectively, we can help to create an organizational culture that celebrates the contributions of our professionals. Check out this (nearly) comprehensive list of local government appreciation days, weeks, or months and get engaged in the conversation of appreciation.


1/6 – National Technology Day

1/9 – National Law Enforcement Day

1/27 – Community Manager Day

1/28 – National Fun at Work Day


2/16 – 2/22:

National Engineers Week


Building Safety Month

Social Work Month

3/6 – Employee Appreciation Day

3/8 – International Women’s Day

3/13 – K9 Veteran’s Day

3/18 – Transit Driver Appreciation Day

3/22 – World Water Day

3/27 – World Theatre Day


4/12 – 4/18:

Public Safety Telecommunicators Week

4/19 – 4/25:

National Volunteer Week

National Library Week

4/7 – World Health Day

4/16 – National Librarian Day

4/20 – Volunteer Recognition Day

4/22 – Administrative Professionals Day

4/22 – Earth Day

4/23 – Take Your Kids to Work Day

4/24 – Arbor Day


5/3 – 5/9:

Public Service Recognition Week

Correctional Officers Week

Municipal Clerk’s Week

5/10 – 5/16:

National Police Week

5/17 – 5/23:

National Public Works Week

5/4 – International Firefighters Day

5/12 – International Nurses Day

5/13 – Receptionists Day

5/15 – Peace Officers Memorial Day

5/15 – Bike to Work Day

5/31 – Web Designer Day


6/5 – World Environment Day

6/17 – Global Garbage Man Day

6/18 – Recess at Work Day

6/30 – Social Media Day


Parks and Recreation Month

7/31 – System Administrator Day


8/4 – National Night Out

8/10 – National Lifeguard Appreciation Day

8/12 – International Youth Day

8/15 – City Hall Selfie Day (Observed 8/14)

8/19 – Aviation Day


National Preparedness Month

9/14 – 9/18:

Finance & Accounting Appreciation Week

9/17 – IT Professionals Day

9/26 – Human Resource Professional Day


National Community Planning Month

National Crime Prevention Month

10/4 – 10/10:

Code Enforcement Appreciation Week

Accounts Payable Appreciation Week

National Fire Prevention Week

Water Professionals Appreciation Week

Customer Service Week

10/5 – World Architecture Day

10/7 – National Coffee with a Cop Day

10/16 – National Boss Day

10/28 – National First Responders Day


11/2 – Traffic Directors Day

11/6 – Love Your Lawyer Day

11/10 – International Accounting Day

11/11 – Veteran’s Day

11/15 – America Recycles Day

11/18 – World GIS Day


12/4 – Extraordinary Work Team Day

12/5 – International Volunteer Day

Follow-up Questions for Reflection:

  • What creative ways do you celebrate your local gov colleagues?
  • How do you engage your community in the appreciation of local gov professionals?
  • Is there a day you or your organization celebrates that we’ve missed on this list?

Leeanne Singleton, AICP, LEED AP, is an Environmental Analyst at City of Hermosa Beach.

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