Accessing Your ELGL Membership Benefits

Access all your ELGL Membership benefits from this page!

Here's how to access all your ELGL membership benefits:

  • First, visit your member profile using the second link below to the ELGL member portal. Make sure your information is up to date and save your information. (You can also find events from your profile here, in addition to registering through our events page).
  • Then, set up an account on our new job board here: ELGL Jobs. Your account will be verified using the same email address you use for your ELGL membership, so make sure your profile is up to date. Once you set up an account on the job board, it is completely self-service, and you'll be able to manage, post, share, save, and archive job postings or register as a job seeker!
  • You can access webinars and trainings on our YouTube channel using the third link below - stay tuned for updates to our video library and on-demand training platforms.
  • If you're looking for the #CityHallSelfie info, please register at the Engagement Corner with the email address you used to register for ELGL!

Are you an administrator on a group account looking to add a member? Please send this link to your employees so they can be added to your account. Confirmation emails will be sent once weekly.

Still have questions? Reach out to [email protected] and we'll get you set up! Looking for a W-9 for payment? Click here and download the PDF.

Organizational Members: Add Employees, Find Your Agency, and More

Are you an administrator looking for information about organizational memberships? You can join as an organization from our membership page.

Are you already an organizational member? You can add employees by sending them this link to fill out (updated once weekly) or reach out to our Membership & Programs Director, Emily, at [email protected], for more information about how to manage an organizational membership.

Not sure if your organization is a member? Visit this page to search for your agency!

Update Your Membership Profile & Access Billing Info

Access your membership profile and billing information here. (When logging in, please be sure to use the email address you registered for ELGL with to access your account.) This is the home of our membership portal, where you can keep your address, organization, and social info up to date for the member directory and our records. If you're an organizational member, you can view your group members through this site, and can add, remove, or change your employee memberships by emailing Hallee. Event registration is available from this site (scroll to the bottom of your membership record) or through the events page on the ELGL website. Problems? Email [email protected]
*You must set up your profile and update your information in the portal before registering for the Job Board or other membership benefits.

View & Post Jobs

ELGL's job board is a benefit for members only. All members can access the job board. All-In and Supersize members can post an unlimited number of jobs during the term of membership by creating a jobs account and posting jobs using the easy to access form.

Watch Webinars & Online Trainings

Webinars, online trainings, and videos from ELGL events are available online for ELGL members. You can log on to our YouTube channel here, and members can subscribe to receive updates when new video content is added. We're working to bring you the full ELGL content library on a new platform soon - stay tuned!

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