Lunch Forum: Improving Government with Oregon’s 10-Year Plan

Posted on June 1, 2015

Oregon’s 10-year plan has been reimagined

Join us to learn about Oregon’s 10-Year Plan and how it can help local government. Vince Adams and Lindsay Spell will provide an overview of the six policy areas, which are economy and jobs, education, healthy environment, healthy people, public safety and improving government.

There will be plenty of time for questions and opportunities to learn how the 10-Year Plan can benefit your organization.


August 12 at Noon, Tigard City Hall

$5 (includes lunch)

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Speaker Bios:

Lindsay Spell – Lindsay Spell is a Special Projects Coordinator for the Rural Communities Explorer (RCE). She loves the art of learning and has a passion for exploring why places look and act the way they do, and she wants to use her background to help others improve their understanding of and interactions with their communities. She earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Geography as well as a graduate certificate in Geographic Information Systems, with her primary interests being in population studies and how GIS tools can be applied in the human realm of geographic study. In her role at OSU, she coordinates outreach, data and research related to the Oregon’s 10-Year Plan and Tracking Oregon’s Progress projects. Lindsay can be contacted at: [email protected]
Vince Adams – Vince Adams is an Extension Educator and Coordinator of the Rural Communities Explorer (RCE), a web based tool that provides data and contextual information about communities in Oregon. Mr. Adams has followed a varied career path that has lead through military service, emergency medicine, and business management before leading him to higher education. At Oregon State University, he manages and grows the content of the Communities Reporter database and delivers training programs to help community leaders access accurate and timely community profile information. His infectious enthusiasm for his work makes using data accessible for even the most technophobic among us. Contact Vince at: [email protected]

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