New Member Profile: Matt Roylance

Posted on January 3, 2019

Matt Roylance

Matt Roylance

Matt Roylance

Assistant Town Manager, Town of Garner, NC

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Favorite song from 2018:

This might be late 2017, but I’m going with Havana by Camila Cabello – heavily influenced by my time in morning carpool with my middle schoolers.

Favorite book from 2018: 

Tears of Autumn by Charles McCarry – it’s an old book but I discovered it in 2018. Equal parts spy novel, study of Vietnamese culture, and Kennedy assassination theory. What’s not to like?

Proudest work accomplishment in 2018:

Joining ELGL, of course!

People who most positively impacted you in 2018:

John Hodges, the other Assistant Town Manager in the Town of Garner. It’s such a luxury to have someone bend over backwards to help you adjust to a new job and a new town.

New Year’s Resolution(s) for 2019:

Get out of the weeds and focus on truly important projects.

Prediction(s) for 2019:

The stock market will fluctuate.

What question(s) should we ask on the next new member questionnaire?

What productivity tool or hack would you recommend to other members?

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