New Member Profile: Matthew Drost

Posted on January 3, 2019

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Matthew Drost

Matthew Drost

Selectman, Town of Randolph, Maine

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Favorite song from 2018:

Finesse by Bruno Mars and Cardi B

Proudest work accomplishment in 2018:

Developed a full roster of professional speakers and sponsors for a course series my 9-5 job offers

People who most positively impacted you in 2018:

Hard not to say Anthony Bourdain, he really has impacted the way I understand things; and my economics professor who dramatically and subtly changed my mind about topics through economics.

New Year’s Resolution(s) for 2019:

Aa continued theme from 2018, I want to continue my growth by finding myself outside of my comfort zone.

Prediction(s) for 2019: 

A slowing, but wiser economy will continue to find creative ways to support continued growth

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