Maximizing Your All-In Account

Posted on February 6, 2018


You’re All-In with the ELGL mission to connect, communicate, and educate.

This means you can add up to 10 staff members to your account for free, and you get unlimited job postings for the year! This page provides an overview on how to maximize these All-In benefits.

Adding Staff to Your Account

Your account administrator will see the below screen when they log on to This is the dashboard to add members to your account. You can click on the “Create Employee Account” to add employees one by one, or add all 10 of your staff using the “Mass Import” button:

From that screen, you’ll be prompted to enter the employee email(s) and they’ll be all signed up and ready to go on your membership account:

Not sure how to gauge who on your staff should be added to your account? Here’s some sample email language you can send out to see who’s interested in joining ELGL:

(Your City/Town/County/District/Company) is an All-In member of ELGL, the Engaging Local Government Leaders network. We have 10 members spots for our staff. When you’re an ELGL member, you get access to content, resources, trainings, and meet-ups, plus access to the ELGL Job Board. You can learn more at or @ELGL50 to learn more. If you’re already a member, you can renew or update your membership under our All-In account. Please reply to this email or contact (Your Name) if you’d like to join ELGL. Thank you!

Creating a Job Post

From, go to the Job Bank menu item and select “Post & Manage Jobs:”
You then have the ability to add your job posting, including all details related to the opening. Once you’ve posted your job, ELGL’s social media channels will cross promote and share your job.

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