Members at #ICMA2019: Mitch Foster

Posted on October 16, 2019

ELGL Nashville

ELGL is headed to Nashville for the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) conference, October 20 – 23, 2019! We have some members joining us for the conference. Here’s what our members are most looking forward to at the conference!

Mitch Foster

Mitch Foster

City Manager, City of Ludington


Is this even a real question? What am I looking forward to at #ICMA2019 in Nashville? In a word, everything! I have been an ardent supporter of ICMA ever since I went to my first conference in Phoenix while I was still in graduate school and this conference is the biggest reason for it. Ever year, the Planning Committee and ICMA staff put together a great schedule of sessions and events to bring the lovers of local government together to advance our communities. This year in Nashville, it will be a great mash-up of educational sessions as well as discussions on the future of ICMA as the profession changes.

The conference isn’t always just about what is on the schedule as most of the most beneficial discussions occur over a beer or coffee outside of the schedule of events between peers. As someone who has gone through positions in multiple states and has cultivated a network of relationships with people all over the country, national conferences also allow me the time to reconnect in a personal manner to right my internal ship. I am always thankful for the opportunity ICMA conferences provide to me in creating this space for creative thought and informal energy gathering!

As I mentioned previously, part of my excitement for this year’s conference also stems from the fact that ICMA is going through a generational transition and I enjoy being engaged in that conversation. I may not always agree with what the majority thinks, or what members of ELGL believe, but part of the process is engaging in civil conversations about how we can improve this great association to better support members. We cannot allow our personal agenda’s or our one-off opinions of leadership or past experiences allow the conversation to devolve and threaten to splinted an amazing organization like ICMA; we can all work together for the betterment of our communities!

If you see me at #ICMA2019, stop me and let’s talk about whatever you are passionate about. I may not be the best social butterfly (more of an introvert), but darn do I love having fun and engaging conversations with new friends! Hope to see you there!

You can find a rundown of ELGL’s events and activities, plus a link to a What’sApp group so you can stay connected with ELGL during this large conference in this complete list. 

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