New America Pandemic Response Repository

Posted on April 13, 2020

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Today New America is launching the Pandemic Response Repository. ELGL members are part of the soft launch because we would like your contributions and feedback. Please note that for this repository we have prioritized speed over perfection –– we know these are resources people need now, and will continue to iterate over the next several days.

New America has seen many governments struggle to find the tools they need to deal with the pandemic, while others create excellent sharable resources. It is our goal to help connect the two.

The solutions listed in the repo are reusable, easily shared among agencies, municipalities and countries, and can be adapted to local needs. The repository will be updated daily based on research by our team and submissions from around the world. We have not undertaken an independent code review of each solution.

The Pandemic Response Repository is the first phase of a more comprehensive Open Source Framework researched and developed by New America to strengthen and modernize government institutions.

Across the public sector, private sector, and civil society, there is growing momentum to create open source, digital public goods that can deliver broad benefits for society and be easily modified to meet the needs of different communities. This work is intended to help build that movement.

The Pandemic Response Repository is a joint project of the Digital Impact and Governance Initiative (DIGI) and Public Interest Technology (PIT) teams at New America.

New America also provided a sample tweet below. We would appreciate you sharing with your network to help grow the catalog of shareable projects AND reach those in need of those projects.

Sample Tweet:

The Pandemic Response Repository from @newamerica is a collection of open source resources to help governments respond to the Coronavirus. Have a resource? Submit it here. Need a resource? Take one! We’ll also continue to track and add to the collection..

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