New Membership Features

Posted on January 19, 2018

As you know, we’ve been in the process of rolling our the new ELGL membership portal. We’ve had a few snags (thanks for your patience) because our old system’s data was so crummy. But more importantly, the new system has us cookin’ on four burners. Our membership system is now synced with our newsletter, events, and information sharing. When people sign up or renew as members, we capture their contact information so we can stay in touch and share news and updates with all of our members, all of the time.
We also unrolled two new features this week. The first is an online store – right now, it’s just selling our cool 2018 calendar and a donation option, but into the future we’ll be adding cool ELGL swag that you might enjoy. And the second is a new events module that will make it easy to see all of our events and activities at one time, and then register for any of them that you’d like.
Tell us what you think about our new membership software, and also these two new modules! Thanks to everyone who’s helped make user experience recommendations to us as we’ve pioneered this new software.

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