New Sensation: Daniel Hunter, Air Force and Local Government Professional

Posted on May 21, 2014

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Daniel Hunter


Experience: MCS Officer, MDT

Education: Linfield CollegeBachelor of Arts (B.A.), Political Science and Government and American Military UniversityMaster’s Degree, Public Administration

Connect: LinkedIn

Q & A with Daniel

(Complete these phrases) Best thing about the….

80’s was……. It was all about the hair.

90’s was…… Nothing, in the Seinfeld sense.

00’s was….. I discovered my political mind.

Last year was….. Renewed determination.

Today is…. Tomorrow is my birthday!

Tell us about three accomplishments that you are most proud (2)

  • The first are my children.  Now adults with their own dreams and ideas.  Although they still disagree with me on some things, it’s is nice to actually have those conversations.
  • Earning my BA.  Although I have my MPA, I find that I am more proud of my first degree.
  • Lastly, but not least, my four years in the Air Force.  I learned so much and got to see and experience so many new things.

(Complete this sentence) I feel old……. when I talk with friends about our kids.

Tell us about two mistakes that you’ve made that we can learn from.

I started my career late.  I was 30 when I first began college and did not complete my Master’s until I was 41.  This was the result of things I did when I was younger.  Poor choices and no ambition.

Although it fits with the first answer, my career choices.  I have out of need taken whatever I could get.  This has resulted in little focus in my work experience.  Although I like to think broad experiences would be helpful, it has not played out that way.

Give us three of your favorite YouTube videos.


Jumping Manta Rays

Kaia, Wonder-Dog!



Our annual conference will be held in October 2014. Name three topics or speakers that should be included on the conference agenda.

  • Career starters for those with no local government experience.
  • Useful or useless: Nationwide studies that generalize data on local government.
  • Mentoring City Managers vs Management Fellows programs (e.g. training your replacement vs training someone else’s new manager).

Parent(s) can be influential in career choices of their kids. What was the career path of your parent(s)?

Both of my parents worked in manufacturing.

Name three of your mentors and describe them in five words.gutterman

  • Master Sergeant David M. Ransier USAF: Patient, knowledgeable, forthright, dedicated, demanding.
  • Pastor Jim Dahrens: Understanding, forthright, guiding, patient, demanding.

Your hometown…..what is it best known for?

Beavercreek Oregon best known locally for the fair “Beavercreek Bust.”

How can ELGL best contribute to the public sector?

Mentoring or helping local communities with fellowships.

Give us two items that are broken in local government.

Public communication.  I am frequently hearing from people who are dissatisfied with local government yet lack any knowledge of how it operates or when council meetings are.



Fast forward one year, what will factor into your decision on whether to renew your ELGL membership?

It depends on whether I start my career.  After more than two years of applying for local government positions and getting nowhere, the process has become frustrating.  Not to mention the time and money I have invested.

Give us two ideas for attracting and retaining talented individuals to the public (4)

Broken record time!  Mentoring leaders or more fellowships for CM/CA and CFO/CFM.  Stop recruiting CM from Planning and Public Works.

What questions should we have asked?

What made you choose a career in public sector over private sector?

What question(s) do you have about ELGL?

Do you know of any fellowships in City Management?

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