New Sensation with Tyler Klatt, City of Canton (SD), Assistant to the City Manager

Posted on September 24, 2013

What better way to learn about a new ELGL member than a series of extremely personal questions that may or may not be work related. That is our goal in the New Sensation feature. Whether it is learning about a person’s top accomplishments in the last 24 hours or learning about the inside of their car, you will learn more in this feature than the unbelievable awkward icebreaker.

Tyler Klatt

Tyler Klatt

Assistant to the City Manager at City of Canton, SD

Education:  University of South Dakota, Master of Public Administration, State and Local Government

Connect: LinkedIn

Connect with Canton, SD: Facebook, Twitter, and World Wide Web

Q & A with Tyler

Three projects that you are working on.

Three accomplishments in the last 24 hours.

  • Completed payroll for the last pay period
  • Helped with a housing survey for our economic development corporation

Your longest public meeting. A recent commission meeting lasted a little over 2 hours. Nothing too terrible.

Songs on your iPod’s Recently Played list.

  • Dear Mr. President – Fitz and the Tantrums
  • Even Flow – Pearl Jam
  • Take a Walk – Passion Pit
  • Sunshine – Atmosphere
  • Africa – Toto

Best piece of advice from your parents. Be aware of who you surround yourself with

Excluding family, give you three of your career mentors.

  • John Prescott, City Manager, Vermillion, SD
  • Andy Colvin, Assistant City Manager, Vermillion, SD

(Complete the sentence) Before I die I want to….Make everyone around me better.

Should government be run like a business?

Yes. In terms of budgeting and the day-to-day, a business mindset should be at the forefront of every government entity. However, there should also be a layer that resembles a caretaker. Whether its at the local or the federal level, a government should, first and foremost, be concerned with taking care of its citizens.

Worst movie you’ve ever seen. Spring Breakers

Worst CD you’ve ever bought. Baja Men “Who Let the Dogs Out” –to be fair, it was all the rage



Three defining news events of your lifetime.

  • 9/11
  • Start of the War on Terror
  • Acceptance of same-sex marriage

(Complete the sentence) I know this makes me sound old but……I’m only 23, so…I remember MySpace.

Last time you checked your cell phone. Just now.

Describe the inside of your car. Managed chaos

Song(s) that remind you of summer. Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen



(Complete the sentence) In 2018, local government will be …………largely the same; however, It will be more deeply entrenched with big data, which will improve service delivery. Citizen engagement will increase via the influence of social media and an increasingly connected mobile world.

Biggest misconception about government. “They” don’t listen

What’s the meaning of life? Screwing up a lot in the pursuit of getting it right

Finally, what question(s) should I have asked?

  • Where I went to school? The University of South Dakota
  • As a child, what did I want to be when I grew up? Fireman and Dolphin trainer

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