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Submit Your Nominations for the 2018 Traeger Award

Chris Traeger ListThe Chris Traeger List recognizes the top 100 influencers in local government. Chris Traeger was the city manager for the fictional City of Pawnee, Indiana on the show Park and Recreation. The Traeger List is not based on title or longevity.

It’s based on an individual’s influence in their community and outside their community through professional associations, mentoring, and writing.

Link: 2016 Traeger Award and 2017 Traeger Award.

Note: We will update the list of nominees daily. ELGL members can access the list on the member dashboard. Not a member? Join here.

The ELGL Board of Directors and ELGL Executive Director are not eligible for the list.

Submit your nomination(s) by September 24.

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4-1-1 on the Traeger Award

This year, we will empower ELGL members to select the top ten of the Traeger List.

The Traeger List was featured by newspapers including the Roanoke TimesNews and ObserverThe Journal News Coeur d’Alene PressVillage of Richfield, WI, and West Bend Daily.

GovLoop recognized ELGL as a top professional association. StateTech named the ELGL website a must-read for state and local government information. The Oregonian featured ELGL’s commitment to gender equality and collaboration in local government.

About ELGL

ELGL's mission is to engage the brightest minds in local government by:

  • Providing timely, relevant, real content
  • Fostering authentic, meaningful connections
  • Expecting equity and inclusion
  • Encouraging joy in public service
  • Welcoming new ideas and technology


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