OpenGov & Financial Transparency in LocalGov

Posted on May 7, 2015

Our innovation webinar series is back! This time with a technology company that has been helping local governments improve their financial reporting and transparency. Learn what OpenGov has done with municipalities from Los Angeles, CA to West Homestead, PA. 

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Founded in 2012 and based in California, OpenGov is the leading provider of financial reporting and transparency solutions and is transforming the way governments analyze, compare and share their data. Nearly 300 local governments use OpenGov’s financial analysis platform to make smarter, data-driven decisions, respond more efficiently to citizens, and foster a better-informed community.
open gov logoGovernments ranging from the largest cities, like Los Angeles, Miami and Pittsburgh, to small municipalities, like Rockport, TX and the Borough of West Homestead, PA, use OpenGov to:

  • Provide powerful insights into the operations and budget of their organization.
  • Transform data into meaningful, actionable information.
  • Reduce time reporting and communicating financial data.
  • Leverage the data to improve decision-making and internal efficiencies.
  • Build trust and engagement with residents.

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Register for the webinar on May 20th

Meet the Speaker

chris heggemChris Heggem is the Marketing Lead for OpenGov a position he’s held for almost two years. Prior to this position he was a Co-Founder of BlackBelt Strategies and a Content and Social Marketer at TrialPay. He says about his work at OpenGov, “We’re out to transform the way government works. To do this, our team is building something no one has before: a cloud-based financial analysis platform that governments use to collaborate more effectively, make smarter, data-driven decisions and achieve greater transparency.”

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The webinar will be on May 20th at Noon PT (2pm CT and 3pm ET). RSVP by going to:

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