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Posted on December 23, 2016

Three podcasts, three different approaches. ELGL co-founder Kent Wyatt interviews the trio about why their organization created a podcast, what they hope to accomplish, and what you should consider if you organization wants to start a podcast.

Podcast Takeaways

  • The celebrity look-alike for each guest.
  • Which guest worked at MTV…which guest is a bad golfer…which guest was in a band.
  • Equipment needed for producing a quality podcast.
  • Why city managers are reluctant to incorporate a podcast into an organization’s community strategy.
  • How local government could be a “bottomless pit of ideas.”

After you list to this episode, give a listen to the podcasts of each of our guests.

Meet the Guests 

Dana Berchman
Chief Digital Officer
Gilbert, AZ
LinkedIn | Twitter
Benjamin Brown
Communications Associate
NC League of Cities
LinkedIn | Twitter
Matt Horn
City Manager
Geneva, NY
LinkedIn | Twitter

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Municipal Equation

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