Podcast: Behavioral Insights & Benchmarking with Brent Stockwell, Scottsdale, AZ

Posted on November 17, 2017


Brent Stockwell
Assistant City Manager
Scottsdale, AZ
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Brent Stockwell, Assistant City Manager of Scottsdale, AZ, joined GovLove to discuss his work on performance measurement, behavioral insights and his favorite color. Brent described how Scottsdale is taking a new approach to simplifying city reports. He also shared his thoughts on diversity in local government and how tourism has shaped Scottsdale.
Topics: Lightning round (1:20), using behavioral insights in Scottsdale (7:40), simplifying reports & communication (19:00), managing tourism (25:15), his work on benchmarking (29:55), his thoughts on diversity in local government (38:20), and how he got into local government (43:35).
This interview was recorded from the 2017 ICMA Conference in San Antonio, TX. 

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