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Podcast: Civic Lab in Sacramento, CA with Adrienne Moretz & Monica Hernandez

Posted on May 10, 2019

Adrienne MoretzMonica Hernandez
Adrienne Moretz
Associate Analyst
Sacramento Area Council of Governments
LinkedIn | Twitter
Monica Hernandez
Director of Innovation & Partnerships
Sacramento Area Council of Governments

Testing innovative solutions. Adrienne Moretz, Civic Lab Project Manager, and Monica Hernandez, Director of Innovation & Partnerships, joined the podcast to talk about their work for the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG). They discussed Civic Lab, a program that works with teams from around their region to design and launch pilot projects aimed at regional challenges. In year one they took on “Smart Mobility” and had some innovative approaches to transportation that covered both downtown Sacramento and rural parts of their region. Both guests also shared their career path to local government and their plans for year two of the program.

This interview was recorded from the 2019 Transforming Local Government Conference in Reno, Nevada.

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