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Posted on April 7, 2017


Gord Hume
Speaker & Author
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Welcome to the first episode of GovLove International! In this new monthly series we’ll interview a local government professional from outside the US. This month John sat down with Gord Hume a speaker and advisor on local government in Canada. Gord is a former city councilor of London, Canada and has written several books on local government. In this interview he discusses a wide range of topics including his latest book, “The Leadership Crisis” an analysis of leaders in city halls.

GovLove International is hosted by John Allore, the assistant budget director of Durham, NC and produced by Tony Reed, the assistant city manager of Mt. Angel, OR.



The GovLove International Team:

John Allore
GovLove International Host
Assistant Budget Director
Durham, NC
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Tony Reed
GovLove International Producer
Assistant City Manager
Mt. Angel, OR
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