Podcast: Grants Pass v. Johnson and a Utopian California City – GovLove Island

Posted on July 9, 2024

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Housing and homelessness. The GovLove Co-hosts joined together in a grand experiment they are calling GovLove Island to discuss two of the latest topics in the local government world. First, they discussed the recent Grants Pass v. Johnson ruling from the Supreme Court. They chatted about what the court ruled, how it impacts local governments, and the complicated problem of homelessness for communities. Then, the panel chatted about a utopian proposal for a new city in California’s Solano County. They talked about the proposal, what it might mean for some of the housing challenges in California, and the tradeoffs with investing in other communities.

Grants Pass v. Johnson:

East Solano Plan:

Panel: Dan Bolin, Meredith Reynolds, Lauren Palmer, and Ben Kittelson

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