Podcast: Race & Diversity in the Planning Profession with Giovania Tiarachristie

Posted on June 16, 2017

Giovania Tiarachristie
Neighborhood Planner, Dept. of Housing Preservation and Development
City of New York, NY

Giovania Tiarachristie argues that if planning was a room, the elephant in it would be race. Giovania is the author of an amazing report exploring the barriers to recruiting and retaining planners of color. In this episode she discusses her report, the hazards of colorblindness, the value diversity can bring, micro-aggressions and so much more. Her report on diversity in planning has lessons and solutions for employers in any field or public sector organization.



Extra Credit

The Elephant in the Planning Room: Overcoming Barriers to Recruitment and Retention of People of Color in the Planning Profession

Elephant in the Planning Room – Presentation

Diversity Committee releases recommendations for diversifying the planning profession in the New York Metro Area

The Brownsville Plan

Giovania Tiarachristie Appointed to APA Diversity Task Force

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