Podcast: Rethinking Local Government Revenue with Shayne Kavanagh & Jason Loya

Posted on February 15, 2022

shayne kavanagh jason loya GFOA - GovLove
shayne kavanagh jason loya
Shayne Kavanagh
Senior Manager of Research
Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA)
LinkedIn | Bio
Jason Loya
Management Analyst
City of Monrovia, California

Aligning revenues with a modern economy. Shayne Kavanagh, Senior Manager of Research for GFOA, and Jason Loya, Management Analyst for the City of Monrovia, CA, joined the podcast to talk about GFOA’s Rethinking Revenue initiative. The initiative poses that local government revenues have not kept up with the times and need to be rethought to make them more equitable. Shayne and Jason gave background on the initiative and examples of new revenue strategies like urban wealth funds, entrepreneurial thinking, segmented pricing, and legal financing.

Host: Ben Kittelson

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