Podcast: Shoreline Management & Beach Renourishment in North Carolina

Posted on August 30, 2019

Dr. Robert Young Greg Rudi Rudolph
Dr. Robert Young
Program for the Study of
Developed Shorelines
Bio | LinkedIn
Greg “Rudi” Rudolph
Shoreline Protection Manager
Carteret County, NC

Managing beaches in an era of climate change. Two guests joined the podcast to discuss shoreline management at the local level. First, Dr. Robert Young from the Program for the Study of Developed Shorelines discussed a recent report that they published which did a cost-benefit analysis of buying out property owners in North Topsail Beach, NC versus maintaining the shoreline. Then Greg “Rudi” Rudolph, the Shoreline Protection Manager for Carteret County, NC, talked about his day to day work, the mechanics of beach renourishment, and his perspective on the report. Rudi also shared how they plan for sea level rise.

Read the report: Coastal Hazards & Targeted Acquisitions, A Reasonable Shoreline Management Alternative

Host: Ben Kittelson

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