Podcast: The 2022 GovieLovies

Posted on December 30, 2022

2022 GovieLovies

Another year, another snake draft. The GovLove co-hosts teamed up to hand out awards and recap the seventh full year of a podcast about local government. Kirsten, Toney, Lauren, Dan, and Ben all selected three of their favorite episodes to honor with the most prestigious award in local government podcasting, a GovieLovie! They also shared their favorite highlight from 2022, their favorite holiday tradition, and what they are obsessed with from 2022.

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The GovieLovies


  1. The Impact of the Great Resignation with Ronnie Dampier, Melody Lenox, & Margarita Hudgins 
  2. Women in Fire Service with Anna Koons & Danielle Dulin, Warrensburg, MO 
  3. Bereavement Leave for Loss of Pregnancy with Bobby Wilson, Pittsburgh, PA 


  1. Building a Culture of Equity with Danya Perry, Wake County, NC 
  2. Arbitrary Lines, the Case Against Zoning with M. Nolan Gray, UCLA Lewis Center 
  3. The Job of a Prothonotary with Noah Marlier, Montgomery County, PA 


  1. Making Zoning Easier to Understand with Sara Bronin 
  2. Troubling Signs at the Supreme Court with Amanda Karras, Lisa Soronen, & Brian Connolly 
  3. Leadership & Career Development with Eric Marsh 


  1. Mayors & Local Political Violence with Heidi Gerbracht & Sue Thomas 
  2. Transforming the 911 System with Rebecca Neusteter, University of Chicago Health Lab 
  3. Becoming a City Manager with Tanisha Briley, Gaithersburg, MD 


  1. Employee Engagement and Culture with Dan Biles, Paso County, FL 
  2. Addressing the Rise of Local Official Harassment with Brooks Rainwater, National League of Cities 
  3. Diversity and Inclusion in Peoria, IL with Melodi Green

Producer Pick from Pizza Mike – From Librarian to City Manager with Abigail Elder, Hood River, OR


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