Podcast: The Year in Review with Kent, Kirsten & Ben

Posted on December 30, 2016


Kent Wyatt
Sr. Management Analyst
Tigard, OR
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Kirsten Wyatt
Executive Director
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Ben Kittelson
Sr. Budget Analyst
Durham, NC
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The three GovLove hosts, Kent, Kirsten and Ben, got together to take a look back at 2016. They each picked their Top 5 episodes of the year and discussed their selections (43:50). Segments included: The most listened to episodes of the year (0:50); Three of a kind (7:20) featuring holiday movies, 2016 ELGL memories, holiday songs and 2016 books; Listener questions (22:40); Favorite iTunes reviews (28:30); 2017 goals for GovLove and ELGL (31:20); Local gov’ts doing social media well (1:10:50); and the episode ended with “Can’t Let it Go” where each host picked something they’re obsessed with right now (1:14:50).




Kent’s Top 5

  1. Standing Up to Gender Discrimination with Kirsten Wyatt
  2. Resiliency In Joplin, Missouri With Sam Anselm
  3. Reporting on Local Government with Kate Queram
  4. Twitter & Free Speech: What’s mute got to do with it?
  5. BART’s Plain-Talkin’ Communicator

Kirsten’s Top 5

  1. SimCity: Influencing a Generation of Local Gov Leaders with Ocean Quigley
  2. Let’s Get Innovative: Local Gov Innovation Specifics with Nick Kittle
  3. Talking KCMO with Rick Usher
  4. The People Behind the Start-Up City with Leah Treat & Gabe Klein
  5. In Defense of Special Districts with Bobbi Nance, Cassandra Ulven

Ben’s Top 5

  1. Parks & Planning with NYC Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver
  2. Water Wise with George Hawkins, CEO of DC Water
  3. Between Two Interns with ICMA President Pat Martel
  4. Meet the Fergusons with Bo & Michelle Ferguson
  5. Glass Ceiling Shattering Police Chiefs with Chief Williams & Chief Turner


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