Podcasting in McHenry County, IL

Posted on July 6, 2016

At the recent Illinois and Wisconsin city management conference, we connected with Jim Hurley, Assistant to the McHenry County Administrator and ELGL member. Jim mentioned that McHenry County, IL had started a podcast with the first episode featuring Peter Austin, McHenry County Administrator.

You’ll learn more about Jim and the McHenry County podcast in a future GovLove episode which was recorded during our Wisconsin trip. For now, let’s take a listen to the McHenry County podcast.

Link: An Overview of McHenry County Government with guest Peter Austin, McHenry County Administrator

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Fun Fact: The McHenry County Health Department has a similar program – McHenry County Health, Radio Show



Jim Hurley hosts McHenry County Government, a program presented by the McHenry County Department of Administration. Jim has served as the Assistant to the McHenry County Administrator since 2015.

McHenry County Government

Most people know of McHenry County Government for its core responsibilities: running elections, maintaining county roads, issuing birth, death, and marriage records, and managing services to residents in unincorporated areas. While the County does provide direct services, the County also plays a pivotal role in the coordination of regional development activities. The County works with federal, state, and other local governments, nonprofits organizations, private firms, and residents to plan and make decisions that shape how our communities grow and enhance quality of life. The purpose of the show is to provide information about County projects, programs and services to meet the needs of McHenry County residents.

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