The Power of “Yes”

Posted on September 30, 2014

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J.D. Roth, Author, Speaker, Advisor


Bio: I’m a personal-finance blogger who also writes and speaks about self-improvement.

First paying job: Planting cauliflower

Soundtrack of your life: The Emperor’s New Clothes by Snead O’Connor

Book you are currently reading: Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell (for the sixth time)


Introduction: Eric King, City Manager, Bend, OR


Bio: My responsibilities as the City Manager include the leadership in the administration and execution of policies and objectives formulated by City Council, the development of solutions to community problems for Council consideration, the planning and development of new programs to meet future needs of the City, preparation of the annual budget, community relations, inter-agency coordination and fostering community pride in City government through excellent customer service. Another way to describe my job through the eyes of my 6 year old daughter, “when I’m at school he is at work where he has meetings and writes on his white board”.
Lastly, when asked about my job I simply say “I’m employed by the City Council, butwork for the residents of Bend”.

First paying job: Cleaning boats

Soundtrack of your life: Talking Heads- “Take Me to the River”

Book you are currently reading: Thomas Jefferson- The Art of Power

Anything else: I’m a magnet for natural disasters


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