#26 – Laura Chandler

Laura Chandler

Laura Chandler

ClearPoint Strategy

Director of Community


Energetic, Enthusiastic, Gregarious

Laura Chandler can light up a room with her incredible energy. She has a positive, can do attitude that is felt by those around her. Even if you thought you couldn’t do something, a short conversation with Laura would completely flip your perspective into ‘yes, I can do that!’ Her glass is not only half full, it’s more like there is an amazing meniscus on top that should be spilling over and for some reason, it stays in the glass! Laura is a catalyst for positivity that is heartfelt and sincere.

Laura is enthusiastic, encouraging, professional, inclusive, a great listener, knowledgeable, communicates well in both verbal and written form, and her passion for bringing people together is contagious. Laura loves to create a space for collaboration sharing both challenges and celebrations.

Every team could benefit by having someone like Laura on their team!

The 2021 Top 100 Influencers List is made possible by ELGL’s partnership with CivicPlus.

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