#28 – Kristen Camareno

Kristen Camareno

Kristen Camareno

Tarrant County, TX

Assistant County Administrator

LinkedIn | Twitter

Problem-solver, Task-master, Collaborator

Kristen has held a number of roles at Tarrant County over the years – from Mobility Coordinator to Interim Community Development Director and now she’s an awesome Assistant County Administrator. In every single one of these roles, she’s been a true collaborative, and supportive leader, bringing people closest to the problem together in order to solve it. Most importantly, she has continued to be kind and humble throughout, supporting her team, and fostering positive culture change along the way.

There is not a single problem that Kristen Camareno can’t solve. Her collaborative spirit, enthusiasm, and grit continue to shine through, no matter the task at hand. Tarrant County is so lucky to have her!

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