#58 – Shelby Teufel

Shelby Teufel

Shelby Teufel

City of Pleasant Hill, MO

City Administrator


Knowledgable, Devoted, Adaptable

Shelby gives her heart and soul to the community of Pleasant Hill. In addition to effectively leading the organization and day-to-day operations, she is genuinely invested in the community. She has a depth of knowledge beyond most city administrators. I am always amazed at her ability to recall specific details about the development code, pipe sizes and actions taken by the city council from years ago. She noticed a depressed area of the roadway on her way into work, and staff subsequently found an underground water leak that they repaired before further damage. Her knowledge and attention to detail make her exceptional at her work.

Shelby really cares about her staff. She maintains high standards and holds her team accountable, yet has a reputation for being fair and supportive

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