#72 – Gail Sumi

Gail Sumi

Gail Sumi

League of Wisconsin Municipalities

Member Engagement and Communications Director

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Tireless, Supportive, Passionate

As Member Engagement and Communications Director for the League of Wisconsin Municipalities, Gail tirelessly advocates for Wisconsin’s municipalities and juggles many tasks to ensure municipal employees are educated, informed, and connected to one another and to the legislative actions that impact them and their residents.

Beyond her regular duties, Gail started a collaborative group of municipal communications professionals – the Platespinners, so named because it seems all municipal communications professionals also wear many hats and juggle a lot of plates, as she does – who meet periodically to idea share, commiserate, and help one another through their communications challenges and opportunities. This invaluable group helps all involved work smarter to better inform and engage their residents. Gail is a compassionate, passionate communications professionals who genuinely loves her work and creates opportunities for others in the industry to connect, learn, and grow.

Not only is Gail a leader in the government communications sphere here in Wisconsin, she is a great supporter of new or younger professionals. She seeks to give us opportunities to be heard (such as through the Platespinner group or contributing to conference/webinar presentations) and opportunities to build their resumes (such as contributing content to the League’s print magazine). She inspires communications professionals throughout the state to keep learning, persevere, and love public service. She freely shares opportunities and her own experiences to help others be their best. Thank you, Gail!

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