#85 – E.A. Hoppe

EA Hoppe

E.A. Hoppe

City of Kerrville

City Manager


Inspirational, Supportive, Encouraging

Mr. Hoppe was recently promoted from Deputy City Manager to City Manager here in Kerrville. The transition was not only smooth, but encouraging to the city staff. EA has created a solid momentum for staff to bring up and support city projects. He encourages the city staff and community leaders to share the great work that we work on.

His positivity is contagious and his drive is easily recognized by everyone around him. EA’s attitude and encouragement has significantly softened the impacts and improved the community attitude around coming out of the pandemic. Through sharing good news and keeping a strong momentum on local projects, there has been very little focus on the negative impacts of the pandemic. Most of the conversations around the community still remain positive.

During staff meetings, EA’s attitude is equally as uplifting and encouraging as it is when in a public setting. This consistency just reinforces the strong influence EA has on the community. He focuses on individual employee growth as well as succession planning for the organization.

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