#91 – Jessie Brown

Jessie Brown

Jessie Brown

Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Social Media Specialist


Empathetic, Loyal, Inventive

While Jessie is a state government employee, she is a significant influence in the lives of social media professionals at all levels of government. In her role as vice president of the Government Social Media Membership Council, Jessie is instrumental in helping to elevate the profession by openly discussing the relationship between self care and social media management, and how to prioritize your own well-being while serving as your agency’s liaison to the often rough-and-tumble digital space.

Her goal is to ensure government social media professionals are feeling — and functioning — their best when our communities need us the most. Jessie is always open to sharing guidance, ideas, and lessons learned from throughout the government social media profession, and is all around a great person to know.

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