#95 – Jimmy Stathatos

Jimmy Stathatos

Jimmy Stathatos

City of Bedford, Texas

City Manager

Leader, Professional, Fearless

After an extensive interview process over 8 months, Jimmy Stathatos was selected as the Bedford City Manager effective 13 months ago. For years the City has been vertical stepping stone for wannabe City Managers without experience. From day one, Jimmy was the most experienced City Manager the City had ever hired. He took a chance to come over to Bedford from a bigger city with more economic resources than ours.

He came on board with a determination to help us turn around the fortunes of Bedford and was fearless in making the hard choices necessary in order to change the culture of City Hall. In his 13 months on the job, he has found millions of dollars in savings, brought in people from the outside at all levels of the organization, steered the organization towards a customer service centric approach, worked with Council better than anyone before him, and embraced a complete overhaul to how the City is going to repair streets and get control of it economic development future. He has not only met my expectations as City Manager, but has exceeded it immensely.

Jimmy Stathatos is a man of character and compassion and is the type of City Manager that everyone wants to follow. Jimmy Stathatos has brought trust back to the City of Bedford organization. No one has a bad thing to say about him, and I am proud to have him as my City Manager. You would be fool to not give him the Traeger award. lol. He is Chris Traeger except for the health consciousness thing and the good looks and he will not live to be 150.

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