About the Application

Applications for the January – June 2022 cohort will be accepted through the end of the day, January 10, 2022.

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The brief application is an opportunity for us to ensure that the program fits your expectations and needs. Applications are accepted using Claremont Graduate University’s portal and there is no cost to apply.

Please note that the CGU application portal is the one also used by the university for its graduate-program applications, which comes with federal requirements for reporting on various categories of applicants. As such, the language used to ask about applicants’ gender identity reflects the binary choices CGU is given in its federal reporting system–male and female. We are actively working with CGU to get approval for more appropriate and inclusive language and regret any unintended disrespect caused by the limited choices currently offered.

Change is a process, and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we help to initiate some institutional change on this issue. We welcome and encourage students of every sex and gender to apply and invite anyone who would like to share more to make use of the additional options in the “Gender Identity and Expression” section of the application.

Please also note that the question in the application asking about the applicant’s native language is a reflection of the international pool from which the university draws its student body and simply reflects the university’s desire to be fully prepared to welcome and accommodate its diverse student body.

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